11 11 November 11, 2017

This Saturday is November 11 or 11 11.

11 11 in Western Numerology is called a master Number. And it’s fun to play with the time of 11:11 on November 11th .  People born on master number days often are able to accomplish a great deal in their life, or have some unique skill sets they are meant to share which can lead to fame.

Since your access to Conscious Calendars newsletter is all about cosmic timing, and aligned actions all according to the movement of the Moon, planets, eclipses and how much Lunar Light shines upon you – it is good to know that by Saturday November 11 we are just beyond the supportive light of the Moon for expansive, or major externally focused actions and gatherings.
So, to act in alignment with natural and cosmic rhythm, try not to “over do it” this Saturday, despite the encouragement about the really cool date that it is.

Please take very good care of your energy for this LAST week of the lunar cycle from Nov 11 – Nov 17.

A gentle cleanse or deeply meditative experience might be a match for this weekend. Try not to overstimulate yourself with parties or starting a major new intention or prosperity practice. Use this next FULL moon for that! More on that really exciting alignment coming up.

The lunar light is fading by Saturday and Sunday Nov 11 and 12..and if you have this month’s sample of Conscious Calendar, you can see that Friday November 17th is the Red Day for the month.

Lunar Light shines on your actions and expands the fruits of those actions when there is MORE light! Greater light around the full moon (six days before and six days after it) give energy to conscious acts, to connecting in groups, for outward creation like events, meetings, making things, business, commerce and communication.

The greater light around the full moon is the first factor which goes into selecting a Green Day.

Here at Conscious Calendars, I’m always looking at the energy of the day as connected to the cycles of the moon. The relationship of the moon with the planets and where we are in the year to help us understand our internal rhythms and how we are connected with the Cosmos and each other.


What is special about 11 – 11 November 11?

Keep in mind that November 11 is often all abuzz in Western Numerology.

Mercury is connected with the number 5 in Indian Numerology

Indian Numerology sees 11 11, 2017 as lighting up MERCURY and learning and marketing extraordinaire because the number 5 connects with Mercury, which happens to be supporting major deals right now. Scroll down to learn how Nov 11, 2017 = 5.

Indian Numerology which relates the numbers to the planets a little differently and that system has shifted over the past five thousand years through all the calendars of history!

In both Western and Indian numerology THIS YEAR’S 11 11 or November 11, 2017 equals the number 5.

11 + 11 = 4

2017 or 2 + 0 + 1 + 7 = 1

11/11/2017 = 5 in both forms of Numerology.

Gender identity icon. Non-binary intersex symbol or virgin female Mercury symbol. Sticker with watercolor effect. Vector illustration.

5 is a versatile number connected with the planet Mercury in Indian Numerology.

Indian Numerology see 11 11 as lighting up MERCURY and learning and marketing extraordinaire because the number 5 connects with Mercury, which happens to be supporting major deals right now.

Mercury has the ability to not only create change and communicate clearly and learn all the details of divine wisdom, but the timing of right now as you read this, Mercury is in a special relationship or “Yoga” with the planet Mars.

Mercury is in essence at its absolute strongest energetically of the year!

The beautiful rays of the moon are shining directly on Mercury through November 6, 2017.

Go back and watch the video about this incredible Full Moon on November 3 /4 setting the tone for an entire week and how Venus is bringing gifts of Love and Harmony for the next three weeks (there is a reason that Puff Daddy changed his name to Love or Love Brother now; he may even consult a Vedic Astrologer for all we know. 😉 )

So, Monday November 6th we have a lovely Green Day. At the same time, the moon has already begun to wane or lose light, but we are in the arc of light 6 days after the full moon, continuing to bring light to our social, work and money-making endeavors for worldy interactions.

This week is filled with light and promise.

By Saturday November 11, we are already moving into a darker moon by that time…


Thursday, November 9th is a big deal in the world of Vedic Astrology – more so than the energy of the Moon found on November 11th . Why would that be?

Learn more about why November 9th is an auspicious day.

Conscious Calendars strives to show you the auspicious energy days of the month, called Green or Go Days and which days to be aware or more cautious called Yellow or Slow Days and which days have lower energy, or No Days called Red Days.

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Want to know exactly WHEN the Mega Red Days will be in January and February of 2018? 

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