It’s been 150 years since we’ve seen a Blue Moon that is a Total Lunar Eclipse this month

Total Lunar eclipse

Total Lunar Eclipse

Total Lunar Eclipse happens to be a Blue Moon on January 31, 2018!

A Blue Moon is simply the second full moon in a calendar month. A Blue Moon is not too rare, we have another one this year, as a matter of fact. But a Blue Moon that is also a Total Lunar Eclipse (or a Blood Moon)? That hasn’t happened for 150 years!

The last time we had a total eclipse of a Blue Moon was on March 31, 1866. The next time this event will occur will be in almost 11 years on Dec 31, 2028 and then exactly in 19 years from this year’s on Jan 31, 2037. These are all total lunar eclipses and Blue Moons. (thanks to for the facts)

Eclipse Days are also Mega Red Days in the Conscious Calendars system. Mega Red Days  are days the life forces are blocked and these are not typically good days for commerce, money making, or creative acts, for things like weddings or signing important documents or starting important endeavors.

Instead Mega Red Days are great days for spiritual practice, meditation, self-introspection, and taking extra care of your health by not over-extending your energy.  These are days where hidden forces, called Rahu and Ketu in Vedic Astrology are exerting greater forces on each of our minds. We can fall into unconscious patterns, or REVERSE bad habits, depending on how we approach an eclipse time!

The Mega Red Day report shares all of the secrets of how to use these 4 – 6 days each year for catapulting your spiritual practices and reversing negative behavior.

This Mega Red Day is a Total Lunar Eclipse and BLOOD MOON.

Lunar Eclipse, Blue Moon and Blood Moon

This is also a Blue Moon, since it is the second Full Moon in the month. So, this Blue Moon is also a Blood Moon which is a nickname for Total Lunar Eclipses, because the Full Moon goes from bright light to deep, blood orange and sheds an eery light on all who watch.


Center of the eclipse or time of Greatest Eclipse

The time of Greatest Eclipse (GE) is 13:31 UTC

Eclipse will be visible in these geographic regions: Asia, Australia, Pacific, w N.America (as per NASA scientists). These are the locations that the eclipse will shadow the Earth during the Total Lunar Eclipse.

The total duration of the entire eclipse will last 3 hours and 23 minutes, with the Greatest Eclipse occurring in the middle of this time period.

WORLD HISTORY: For perspective, in March 1866, US President Andrew Johnson vetoes civil rights bill; it later becomes 14th amendment,  the 1st US company to make sewing needles by machine incorporated, Conn (citing from On This

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