Eclipses in Leo and World War III?

September 2 – 7, 2017 marks a rare combination of energies occurring in Leo, will those forces just bring confusion, saber rattling or will it escalate into World War III?

Well, the good news is if N. Korea and world leaders can keep talking rather than bombing each other through September 7th – but even better through Sept 9, then World War III will likely come another day.

ON September 6 – 7, 2017 – last 24 hours of intensity of this kind. These forces have been brewing for 18 months with the eclipse patterns of Rahu and Ketu which bring discord in Leo.

At the same time, forces have been triggered, and squeezed from August 27 – September 9, with Mars entering the picture and activating more fire in every one’s lives. (On a personal note this can be inspiring, in the hands of unstable world leaders, this can be a powder keg.  See the Mars enters Leo on Aug. 27, 2017 blog.)

ONE MORE DAY and there is HOPE in world politics!

If we can just get through Sept 7 with no more escalation of war, then there is hope because Sept 8 is a Green Day, and Sept 9 the drama focused, pushy Rahu which has set up the current combination of world leaders — changes constellations!
Mercury went direct on Sept 5…and yet,

Mercury is being challenged (despite being direct now). You see the half-planet of chaos and drama, Rahu is with Mars and Mercury in Leo creating confusion and saber rattling in world politics, and the intensity will change conversation soon.

MOST importantly, the eclipses which have brought so much drama in their current placement (in Leo/Aqu) will be moving on Sept 9!

I am sharing a class on this topic next Monday Sept 11 at 6 PM PDT for all Conscious Calendars subscribers (and talked about Mercury and the eclipses in the Sept 4th class on Jupiter’s influence on our lives for the next year Sept 11 2017 – Oct 11, 2018).

We are not out of the woods completely, yet. Miscommunication has been dialed up a notch lately because Mercury has been in between Rahu and Mars and Sept 2 and Sept 7 Mercury crosses the EXACT point of the total solar eclipse – which can set off impulsive actions or speaking without editing for those without self control.

Keep praying or saying mantras and in your personal life, watch what you say for the next day – the effects are amplified and you might be tugged to be impulsive in speech.

What you think and say is amplified over the next DAY!

What do you want amplified? Praying or saying mantras will be amplified (for the good of others).

Peace and inner bliss to all!


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