Mercury in Virgo is extraordinary

Mercury is “exalted” in Virgo in Vedic Astrology
Virgo is a sign of healing, numbers, communication, learning and teaching and great minds and also can be seen in those with great marketing abilities.

This Mercury affects us in two ways:
1. Mercury and all it represents comes into our lives in extraordinary ways during the time that Mercury travels through Virgo, for those few weeks a year.
2. Those born with Mercury in Virgo find renewed interests in healing, marketing, expanded ideas to help change the world, and learning and teaching approaches.

Bill Gates was born with Mercury in Virgo

Those born with Mercury in Virgo, like Bill Gates, have skill sets and luck related to that brilliant Mercury.  Mercury in Virgo is good at everything from marketing, language (notice how Bill Gates helped create a new language or operating system?), technology, communications, learning and training or teaching, sharp mental faculties, good with money (and sometimes wealthy, but not always), radiant personality, and using information to further wisdom if Mercury is guided by Jupiter.

Mercury in Virgo can also light up herbalism abilities, gardening talents, and an interest in natural methods of healing.  So, great herbalists can sometimes be born with Mercury in Virgo.

Once a year Mercury resides in Virgo for a few weeks

Lighten up and Make Adjustments: Investments, Travel, Health, Garden, Tea/Herbs

Sept 26 – Oct 13 Mercury resides in Virgo

Use this time to either adjust your health, tea or herbal
regimen, make major shifts in the garden, for some it is a
good time for investments, and for others it is a powerful time
for contracts, commerce, collaboration and for others you will
be called to travel, set up travel or dive deep in some form of
study. Listen to what is trying to light up in your life and
jump in since this is a powerful time to start or adjust any of
the above.

This happens once a year, often in the fall.

Mercury is the planet of value, and commerce in Virgo and can bring great opportunities to those in sales, marketing, technology (Bill Gates has his Mercury in Virgo after all). But because this time around, Jupiter will not be with the Mercury, the level of expansion that some of you felt last year will not be as great. It will still be a time to make changes in finances which could save you money, or make changes in investments and most importantly changes to your health routine that slow down the nervous system will be needed during this time.

Mercury in Virgo keeps the mind and nerves moving quickly, so balancing this will be important.

The solution:

Drink green tea, and try to meditate every day if you are a Gemini or Virgo ascendant or Moon.

One of the ingredients in high quality white or green tea is L-Theanine which helps calm the mind, induce alpha brain waves (especially in women) and has been found to be anti-carcinogenic. You get small doses of L-Theanine when you regularly drink green tea.


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