October Full Moon and Three Green Days give you energized action!

Happy Full Moon in Pisces and Three Green Days in a row

Thursday Oct 5 is a Mild Green Day and the Full Moon – Most importantly
Three Green Days help you set new patterns. The Moon aligns with Jupiter in place of auspicious beginnings. Seize the opportunities. Purpose filled action is beckoning you.

Today, Thursday Oct 5 the Full Moon peaked in Pisces (see below if you have questions about the full moon placement *).

Happy Jupiter’s day. It just so happens that the full moon occurs in Jupiter’s sign of Pisces, on the day of Jupiter which brings you luck and opportunities to connect and extra juice to ideas, prayers and cleansing rituals today. And it is a mild Green Day!

Pisces is a water sign and the 12th house of the zodiac, which symbolizes a finishing. Full Moons in this constellation bring both completion to a phase of your spiritual development and asks, “What you are letting go of” at the same time.

Clearing to make space for a new phase

This Full Moon signals a phase of completion. First ask yourself  “What do you want to let go of” to prepare for the rest of your year? Then you can expand into your spiritual development by making some meaningful commitments to yourself. How and when do you feel connected? More importantly than ever, the source of a more Peace filled world is to support ourselves and friends to build connections.  

‘What we let go of’ is clearing the way for a solid next phase, with the Moon moving into Aries – a sign of beginnings and two Green Days on October 6 & 7, 2017.

The three Green Days from Oct 5 – 7 help you create firm beginnings. First detoxify or clear, then listen for how your spirit longs to feel connected. This is not about stuff or goal setting -this is about how you FEEL connected. Is that with art, gardening, cooking, sitting in meditation, dinner with friends, singing in choir, volunteering?


As you wash or rinse your face and body – name what you are clearing in thought and deed, say it out loud – then anoint yourself, with essential oils or flower essences possibly, even plain water can work. Intention is what informs your anointing.

Name what you hope to call into your mind each of these three days. Anoint yourself with LOVE, and then see that love flowing from yourself to others in what you do. Visualize yourself in action, and then make one commitment to follow through on an action which helps you feel connected to purpose or a simple way you can give back to friends, your community or opening your heart even more at work.  You could even pick up an old craft project which you make something fun and give it away – creating easy random gifts of love while you connect with your creativity.

The first Green Day October 5th feels different than the rest of other Green Days…since this is a foundational day, steady and is about creating things like foundations which will last a long time. So some people have a hard time seeing the Greeness in the day, since it has little movement, but is solid, ummoving like a well built house.

October 5, 2017
Fixed Green Day: Things begun, poured or signed on these kind of Green Days can remain for lifetimes and live beyond you. Sometimes homes or buildings or companies formed on these kind of days can be difficult to breakdown – great effort has to be made to undo the fixed and steady energy of fixed Green Days.

Mercury Exalted in Vedic Astrology

Mercury in Virgo is with the Sun and shines on the Moon Oct 5th.

The good news is that with Mercury also shining on the Moon, this will be a good day for important contracts and also will lend some flexibility to the project or endeavor that begins on this day.
Strategic meetings on this day can be both productive, even if they seem slow, and set a good structure for an entire project.

Mercury is in a special place for the year! Mercury shines on this full moon.

Mercury in Virgo is called exalted or in a place to primely express the qualities of Mercury – which have to do with intelligence, Buddhi or consciousness, learning, marketing for some, understanding the healing nature of herbs and food for others, in tapping our curiosity and seeing that life is a play in which we are all actors.  Mercury can also bring a quickness to our minds from Sept 27 – October 13, 2017.

Then on October 13th, Mercury moves into Libra and the domain of Venus, which will be a welcome shift because of Mercury and Venus’ special relationship. More on that in the next blog post on Venus and Mercury!



The FULL Moon Oct 2017 occurs at:

UTC – Oct 5th @ 6:40 PM
BST/GMT – Oct 5 @ 7:40 PM
ET – Oct 5 @ 2:40 PM
Australia Sydney time – Oct 6 @ 5:40 AM

(Full Moon or Shukla Poornima in Uttara Bhadrapada)

Oct 6 & 7 Green Days The Green Energy continues – can you feel it! Wow.

Friday Oct 6 This auspicious Moon-day is in the sign of Jupiter and is graced with giving you some important information, be on the look-out for it.
The Moon is still in Pisces opposite the flexible, marketing and money making savvy Mercury and Sun in Virgo (moon is in Revati).
It is Venus’s day after all and this brings all the great good giving or benefic energies to your life today.

Saturday Oct 7 Moon is in Aries opposite that newly shifted Jupiter – giving actions taken on this day a special blessing. Mars is connected with this day because the Moon resides in Aries, ruled by Mars. Civic action, helping your community or neighbor today is particularly impactful today.

Hang in there – you WILL feel connection through beauty and the arts and community beginning October 13

Oct 10 Venus moves into Virgo – a time which sometimes has us “looking for love or connection in all the wrong places” and can have us feeling disconnected from our inner sense of Self in the Universe/world – and which thankfully will only last in this flavor through Oct 13! A blessing in the planets, as Mercury shifts on Oct 13 bringing a special supportive, creative energy.

There are two major shifts on October 13, both Mercury and Mars change constellations on that day. Look to next week’s newsletter to understand what it all means. It is a positive combination which will be welcome after feeling October 10 – 13th as being a tad disconnected.

*Remember this is the Vedic skymap which will ‘sound’ like it is in a different sign, but if you look to the sky as the Moon rises at sunset, you would see that the moon is in Pisces, matching what astronomer’s say. This is not Western astrology, it is Vedic Astrology.

Saturn moves into Sagittarius – finishes 2.5 year phase in Scorpio finally.

A Strife for meaning in life is the next world movement (like mindfulness movement when Saturn was in Libra, and the movement of clearing fears when Saturn as in Scorpio).
Saturn sets the tone for ethos or how people are motivated – and the natural 9th sign of spirituality and meaning is Sagittarius. So when the planet of dharma and meditation and being of service to others, Saturn, is in the house of spirituality – there will be more people seeking to immerse themselves in dharmic action or to give back to their fellow man as part of a personal expression of their world view or spirituality. It is pragmatic and does not need to be tied to a religion – just giving back and being of service can be fulfilling.

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