Partial Solar Eclipse February 15, 2018 Watch it Shadow the Earth

ECLIPSES ARE WINDOWS OF EXPONENTIAL KARMA…do you want to use them to make more patterns of suffering or to use them to reverse bad habits?

Potent Reminder: Partial Solar Eclipse, New Moon, & Mega Red Day in the Conscious Calendars system is Feb 15, 2018

Thursday, February 15th at 8:52 PM UTC is the peak of the eclipse
Greatest Time of Eclipse is 12:52 pm Pacific Time or Friday Feb 16 at 7:52 am AEDT .

Solar Eclipses can only occur on New Moons. The New Moon in Aquarius is brining sweeping change and instability to many nations. (Just look at the U.S. stock market and cryptocurrencies).
The New Moon occurs the same day for most parts of the world, 9:05 PM UTC / 1:05 PM PT / On Feb 16 @ 8:05 AM AEDT

Eclipse days are Mega Red Days and the second of five Mega Red Days in 2018 is on February 15.

The partial solar eclipse will shadow these parts of the world: Antarctica, S. America

Those is Antarctica and S. America will be most affected by the eclipses on a social and cultural level. But everyone can use the special windows of the eclipse to shift patterns. Not to set new patterns, but to reverse them.

All MEGA RED DAYS are windows to reverse karmic patterns.

On eclipse days, there might be resistance to doing something which is good for you, and if you go ahead and for example, SIT in meditation whether you get any results or not – you have just exponentially built an inner strength, some spiritual muscle.

On eclipse days, I strive to eat lightly and fast during the times of the eclipse. On the eclipse day, and during the eclipse itself, try and meditate, say mantra and move slowly and mindfully.


I set myself up for success on eclipse days, by not having any sweets or sugar in the house, no bread products or baked goods because this is a weakness of mine, and I might be tempted to eat sugar on an eclipse day. I purchase fresh juices or press them the night before an eclipse.  

What habit would you like to REVERSE? Set yourself up for success and just make sure that your tempting item is not in the house, and you will be surprised how the attraction or desire for that food or buying habit is greatly diminished for six months!

And I also still go for a walk or exercise lightly (but not a long workout because the energy avaialable on that day is so low), find time for meditation during the eclipse and say mantra. You can practice whatever are your personal spiritual practices on the eclipse day, and this will help build discipline for the next 6 months (by weakening or reversing resistance to your practices or rituals).

It is such a big deal to say NO to something we normally are weak to saying no to! It’s exponential! Actions on eclipse days count 10,000 fold (but not actions for building things or for money).

In case you’ve missed this special question and answer, here’s a very important message about activities and choices during eclipses…

***** Wondering how the eclipse affects you even if it is not visible where you are? You are not alone, other people have that question too. It is our featured question of the month. *****

You can watch and listen to Kathleen´s response here:

If an eclipse is not visible where I live, do I need to follow the suggestion of fasting and other spiritual practices during an eclipse? (The questioner did not think that it was needed to fast if an eclipse is not visible where they live).

The effects of an eclipse will be stronger for the places on the planet that are either “shadowed” by a solar eclipse or those in the region where a lunar eclipse is visible. And these effects can show up in a number of different ways that are personal and that affect groups of people. (More on that in another video).

But if an eclipse is not visible where you live – your personal Natal Vedic chart and your personal planets and degrees of the eclipse might be activated in your consciousness and your life.

So, I still recommend that you practice the suggestions I give in the Mega Red Day report that comes with Conscious Calendars subscriptions.

Eclipse or Mega Red Days only occur 4 – 6 days each year.
2018 has 5 eclipse days.

So, why not go ahead and plan on building spiritual muscles by making time to meditate and other practices at the time of and on the day of an eclipse? (These are NOT days to start new things according to the ancient Vedic knowledge).

Eclipse Days are also Mega Red Days in the Conscious Calendars system. Mega Red Days  are days the life forces are blocked and these are not typically good days for commerce, money making, or creative acts, for things like weddings or signing important documents or starting important endeavors.

Instead Mega Red Days are great days for spiritual practice, meditation, self-introspection, and taking extra care of your health by not over-extending your energy.  These are days where hidden forces, called Rahu and Ketu in Vedic Astrology are exerting greater forces on each of our minds. We can fall into unconscious patterns, or REVERSE bad habits, depending on how we approach an eclipse time!

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