Venus in Virgo – hidden life lesson

OCT 10, 2017  Venus in Virgo: FEELING LACK OF LOVE & CONNECTION?

Oct 10 Venus moves into Virgo – a time which sometimes has us “looking for love or connection in all the wrong places” and can have us feeling disconnected from our inner sense of Self in the Universe/world – and which thankfully will only last in this flavor through Oct 13!

Mercury and Venus together October 10 – 13 gives some support, good for marketing and business, not as good for romance

A blessing in the planets, as Mercury shifts on Oct 13 bringing a special supportive, creative energy.

Hang in there – you WILL feel connection through beauty and the arts and community beginning October 13.

There are two major shifts on October 13, both Mercury and Mars change constellations on that day. Look to the next posts and newsletters to understand what it all means. It is a positive combination which will be welcome after feeling October 10 – 13th as being a tad disconnected.

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