Get the AstroVantage

Align with success this year. Increase your efficiency as a Spiritual Entrepreneur, Manager, Consultant or Executive.

Gain 2020 vision ahead of time. Astrovantage is a comprehensive karmic guidance package which aligns your purpose and income with opportunity.

Receive the most powerful combination of Conscious Calendars with your personal karmic timing through your Vedic Astrology birth chart. Kathleen Whalen maps your windows of opportunity (purpose, romance, income, impact) to help you harness your personal golden zones of the year. As a result, you can focus efforts on productive times, avoid pitfalls or delays (or know how to reduce them or plan for them) and uncover how to maintain a healthy, rich, and fulfilled life.

Focus on your current top priorities first (health, wealth, family, travel and adventure and more) while you gain insight and supportive practices from Kathleen in this Vedic Astrology coaching experience which draws on her 26 plus years of health consulting.

Follow-up sessions include:

  • A map of your cycles and timing for the next year.
  • Check-ins and support with personal routines that support your success according to your patterns as seen in the chart.
  • Custom health guidance.
  • Mantras for health, relationships, wealth and peace if you would like.
  • Flower essence support.
  • Gemstone recommendations for health, wealth and love or all three.
  • Vastu and Vaastu (East Indian Feng Shui balance of house and office) if needed for health, love, family harmony or company or warehouse efficiency and more.

$1188 for 4 sessions

What's Included:
Four one hour sessions over one year. 

Plus the Annual Conscious Calendars every month, free for a year.

Meet with Kathleen once per quarter and receive guidance for the year and an extensive level of support with all the skills she has. You may use all four sessions for a special project focus or launch preparation as well.

Make this the most fulfilling year yet. Be organized, efficient and free and harness all the vitality, rest, adventure, abundance, deep meaning, purpose and love that is meant to be yours in the next 12 months.

Total Value: $2592

Discount Bundle ~ You pay only $1188

and receive all the Conscious Calendars for an entire year free.


Super Bonus: Receive a PDF of 12 months of Conscious Calendars bundled EVERY single month for a year.

This is a premium offering ~ Annual subscribers LOVE to look a year ahead every month.

Start with where your consciousness is "lighting-up" in your chart then align with the areas of life and cycles which have the most promise for the next year. You save energy when you align with the current of your life, can protect against difficulties and extract all the goodness that your karmic cycles are bringing.