Conscious Coaching with Kathleen Whalen
Vedic Astrology Sessions

Vision Coaching Package – 3.5 Hours of Vedic Coaching Sessions (includes bonus 30 minutes)

Recommended: Use one hour per month, over three months after you have had your first session or take a deep dive and have a longer session with two short follow-up support sessions. This is one of the best ways to work with Kathleen.
You get Vedic Coaching support with continuity, vision and follow up sessions.  This is much more like having a private coach, mind guide and oracle rolled into one for you - plus you are given all your best timing for different activities like career changes, relationship shifts, travel and entrepreneur launch support.
Priced for best value and created with the committed seeker in mind.  This way you receive overall planning, timing, and current mantra recommendation.

Some of the topics that might be covered over the three sessions are: insights on career, relationships, best health practices and rituals or routines, gem recommendation, Kathleen’s expertise guiding you on custom practices for your body and brain type. Additional recommendations could be: custom Flower Essence recommendation, aromatherapy, Vasthu and Feng Shui balance, Yantra recommendation, health care referral, meditation and/or best workout style for your body and personality so that you will be successful in your goals.

Use some of your time for a GIFT CERTIFICATE. This way everyone wins.

Save a bundle - each hour is only $220 instead of $297.

Your session time must be used within 6 month's of your purchase. 


(reg. cost $1,039.50)


Six Months of Coaching, Teaching and Support - Vision, Plan and Receive Support from Kathleen

Receive extra focus and care with Vedic Coaching with Kathleen. This experience enables you to cover all modalities of what Kathleen can offer you - from receiving a custom mantra to gem stone guidance, to custom qi gong practices, coaching and support with energetic guidance.
Or if you are an entrepreneur and are preparing for a launch, Kathleen becomes part of your company and support system, and helps you stay on track with your timing - or adjust the timing since life happens with launches!

This is for the serious Coach, Company Owner or Entrepreneur who is rebranding and wants to be ON Target with what will attract their best customers (not what some marketing person thinks is good generically). You can rebrand, prepare for a launch of any kind, make a major career shift or integrate two career endeavors with this kind of support.
Are you about to make a major expansion in some area of your life or are you planning on selling your company?
Kathleen and her abilities with Vedic astrology gives you the personal guidance you need to get through this major change.

You might receive launch plans and dates, a one to five year plan with vision for what to expect in 10 years, and all of the vibrational support of the Coaching experience.

We meet one hour each month over six months, or use a more intense deep dive at the beginning and then receive updated support that we co-create to fit your needs.

You can have a long term vision, get support and follow up guidance this way.
Make that major change and get help with your big project or your personal career change.
Or perhaps you are planning a family and want the best dates for IVF?

(*Yes, I have helped many happy couples conceive via IVF as an acupuncturist and herbalist back when I was practicing acupuncture and in the past ten years have helped a number of families choose dates for their IVF that have been successful. They have healthy, happy children from those exact dates chosen for each stage of the process.)

I've helped successful entrepreneurs and health care professionals and corporate consultants chose the best times to conceive children the old fashioned way with success! And helped guide smaller companies with their first big launches to half million dollar launches and more.

When you combine the Conscious Calendars Green Days, your custom karmic planetary cycle timing and surf around the eclipses and retrogrades, you are poised to harness the most of your goal.

For best results, your sessions must be booked within the 6 month time period.

This package saves $682.



Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will the session be recorded?

    Yes, all sessions are automatically recorded unless you request otherwise.  You are sent a link to download your mp3 recording within an hour or day of your session.

  • Will I receive a copy of my Vedic Birth Chart?

    Yes, all first sessions receive a PDF of your birth chart in an email one hour to 5 minutes before your session.  You are walked through the basics of your chart, so that you have it for future reference. You do not need to know anything about Vedic Astrology.  Kathleen likes you to know what your Ascendant, Sun and Moon are in this system.

  • What if I have questions after my first session?

    It is likely that the information is in the replay of the session.  Try listening to the recording again, and see if the answer is already there. If you still have questions, Kathleen has created a special Follow Up short session for $90 for 30 minutes to answer your questions.  It is recommended to have this session one month after your first session to get more out of the experience.  Then, according to your chart and personal timing and goals, follow up sessions may be a year or years later, or bi-monthly coaching to guide an entrepreneur through a creative or expanding phase.

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If you have further questions for us, reach out at [email protected] and we will get back to you promptly.