December Solstice 2017


Winter Solstice occurs on Dec 21, 2017 at 4:28 pm GMT or 8:27 am Pacific Time.

Winter solstice brings Shortest day of the year, with the longest nights in the northern hemisphere. For instance in London, England the day is 7 hours, 49 minutes long (in Seattle, WA, USA the shortest day of the year is 8 hours, 25 minutes in duration.


At the same time, those in the northern hemisphere, are being asked to remember that the darkness of the CENTER of winter with December solstice is around the corner, and that self-care, quiet and connection with nature is needed to feed the depth of your soul, and to help you replenish and weather any difficulties that February of next year might bring.


Let the Light IN


For those in the southern hemisphere, you are burgeoning in the light, while the planets of light with the full moon are asking you to expand what you consider to be community. Who do you consider to be family?  Spread your arms and open your hearts to allow even more diversity, and lessening of judgment into your life.

Summer solstice in the southern hemisphere brings the longest days, and the shortest nights and connects you with light, warm sunshine and can be easy to get over expanded.

Health Tip: Take care to make sure you rest at least ten minutes a day to harness the healing energy of this time of year – the light and energy will sometimes be so expansive, that you might tend to not rest because you feel so good.

In Taoist, qi gong practices, the most Yang time of year is summer solstice, and a dollup of rest is important to balance the expansive energy of the long days of light for health and vitality ALL year long.

Longest Day of the Year in southern hemisphere

The length of the longest day of the year in Australia, for instance in Sydney, New South Wales is 14 hours and 24 minutes.

Conscious Calendars are a color coded Calendar based in right timing from Vedic Astrology and Kathleen Whalen  which take into account all the planetary factors affecting the moon each day, around the world to give you the ‘energy of the day’ and it might affect your interactions and choices each day.

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Want to know more about Jupiter and Mars spurring us all into healthly actions? It is a time to build Peace and Justice for 7 weeks.

solstice in northern and southern hemispheres


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