Discover your Divine Nature – New Moon in December 2017

When the planet connected with the very existence of time in Vedic mythology, Saturn, is mingled with the planets of relative time on Earth, Sun and Moon all cross with our Galactic Center, what do you think happens?

We are given a quiet opening to the depths of our existence, connecting with timelessness! You can connect with your Divine nature. It is a powerful New Moon that expands our ability to communicate and understand concepts that are beyond Earth – and those concepts will change how we communicate in the current Third Tech/Industrial Revolution.
Tesla himself described wireless communication before he fully understood that we would be able to stand and make a call anywhere in the world from a small hand-held device (our smart phones).

New Moon in Sagittarius Monday Dec 18

The New Moon Occurs:
10:30 PM PST AND

1:30 AM EST
6:30 AM UTC & GMT
5:30 PM AEST (Sydney Australia)

* Lunar energy 101 according to Vedic Astrology:
The energy of the first Lunar Day will be Tuesday Dec 19 for southern hemisphere and Australia.

This New Moon in Sagittarius is deeply affected by its connection with Saturn – which has just moved into Galactic Center recently, and is the first time it has been here for over 30 years!

The region of the sky is called Mula or “root” because if you drew a line between our Sun and the center of our Galaxy, it would pass right through the first few degrees of Sagittarius (according to the Vedic Map and what astronomer use).


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The RED DAY, or Self-Nourish day is Sunday Dec 17 this month.

The quiet day, to rest and move slowly is a natural way to listen to the natural cycles of the Moon each month. Since the energy is lower on Dec 17, around the world, those in northern hemisphere will feel that this might be the lowest energy of the entire year!
Versus those in the southern hemisphere, will feel a slight pause, or small blip in the expanding days of light toward your summer solstice on Dec 21, 2017. Just make sure to not overextend yourself in the southern hemisphere, Dec 17 & 18 are asking you to take a small break in the long days of light and energetic middle to your summer. (See the solstice article)

Dec 18 is the day of the New Moon around the world…because the New Moon Rises with the sunrise on Monday for most people.

Remember too, the Mercury is still retrograding during this time! Mercury goes direct on Dec 22, 2017. The time from Dec 17 – Dec 22 will have some missed beats to them for some of you. Be gentle with yourself, and clean up loose wires in your life!

So, PLEASE meditate on this day, after a small fire ceremony where you burn and offer any habits, patterns, ignorance, unforgivings, callousness, sadness, grief or confusion into the literal fire or imaginary fire within.

YOU ARE THE UNIVERSE! And on days like today, we can connect with the timelessness of our being. You can merge with the energy and understanding that “We are not body” we are the intelligence and Divinity of the Universe in human form coming to dance and observe the nature of matter and consciousness.

You are a soul with a physical experience – and meditation or rituals on this day will help you let go, release and possibly understand some of the deep secrets of the Universe, which are inside of you, after all.

See Clearly

If any of that is too scary or sounds weird, just try meditating or quietly stretching for a longer period of time that usual. Lay in savasana (corpse pose, laying on your back with toes relaxedly open, and hands facing the ceiling above you, after child’s pose and just rest. Rest, nap, and allow deep quiet. Try and not speak today, or keep it to a minimum and see what happens! Imagine if all of us attempted to actively not speak with our family for just one hour on this day, as it ripples around the world, what kind of different connection we can feel. It is a great practice for children too!

To watch the urge to speak, and observe whether what we think we want to say is really important.  Often, what we have to say can wait, especially for an hour.
Quiet action says more sometimes – like a hug, or directly helping someone.

Quiet hug

Connection deepens when we practice silence. Imagine that!

So, connect with your timelessness and create more connection with a ritual and/or an hour of silence today (and for those of you who are advanced, or have experienced silence for days know what incredible depths can be found, after the first phase of anxiety is allowed to ripple past the surface.)

I am so excited to see what happens on this Red Day or New Moon Day for all of you. New horizons within you await.
Be in the know, get the astrological flow ahead of time:
Colorful human head with saturn, cosmos, geometry, sun inside


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