Hi, I'm Kathleen Whalen, creator of Conscious Calendars.
I am so happy to share these cosmic secrets for 2019 with you and... 

The Eclipses of 2019

Become a magician of 2019 by learning how to use the five eclipse windows to your advantage.
In this course, you get:

  • Videos on solar and lunar eclipse astronomy (what are these heavenly bodies doing in space). You will learn causes eclipses.
  • Videos and trainings on solar and lunar eclipses and how they affect us here on Earth from a Vedic Astrology perspective.
  • Details on Ketu and Rahu, the mythology of eclipses and how it helps you understand how to use the hidden forces of eclipses. The secrets are encoded within the ancient knowledge of Vedic Astrology.
  • Use these special timings to affect your karma on an exponential scale.
  • 3 months of Conscious Calendars for the specific eclipse windows. You get to see all the special dates you need to track and plan for the year.
  • A video on 2019's special eclipses -- WHEN do they impact us and HOW you can prepare for these waves of energy and surf them with ease.


    Course began January 16, 2019.


$57 for the Eclipse Course
As the year progresses, you get access to all the materials that teach you about eclipses (astronomy and Vedic Astrology), updates of the shift in March 2019, LIVE Q & A before the mid-year and end of year eclipses.)
All current students will receive emails of when the next course content is available.

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Free Eclipse Guidance from January 2019 Below

The Full Eclipse Course takes you deeper into insights for the year.

Apply ancient wisdom to tap into
the best days in your immediate future

How would your life and year change if you knew – in advance – the exact days where every good choice you make, every lucky coincidence you experience, and every wonderful outcome you get feels like the Universe itself is rooting for you. On the flipside, imagine being able to pinpoint the tricky days where it’s better to just lay low instead of carrying out anything big – like signing a contract, quitting your job, moving house or even getting married.

What effect would this ‘superpower’ have on your career? Your wealth? Your health? Even your love life?

About Kathleen

Kathleen has been helping people find health, harmony, love, the just-right career, and their personal spiritual practices for over twenty years.

In every class,session or workshop with Kathleen, you get access to her background and knowledge of biochemistry, neuroscience, acupuncture & Chinese herbal medicine, qi gong, meditation, mantra & sound healing and Vedic Astrology to reveal the path to your highest good.

Kathleen is blessed to have learned from deeply mystical and acclaimed teachers from a Taoist priest to Tibetan Buddhist nuns and monks, her Vedic Astrology teachers over 16 years, Pieter Weltevrede, Gina Sala and more.

Kathleen helps you access your personal magic and to create a fulfilling life through Vedic Astrology(Jyotisha or the science of light), Numerology and Mind-body Consulting.

Get the Dates of Every Green, Yellow and Red Day in 2019

Kathleen Whalen and Conscious Calendars allow you to hop in a virtual time machine, zoom into the future, and look at tomorrow's and next month' s biggest influences before the mainstream media finds them. And helps you plan according to how the energy will be at a future time.

Conscious Calendars is about being prepared and poised. 

After seeing Kathleen's 2019 cosmic secrets, you already know you want to access Conscious Calendars annual subscription experience.


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