The Free Course was shared on Instagram as a Story in April 2018.

If you would like to learn how to connect with the trees and learn forest bathing for increased health benefits

and qi gong with trees then
Join me in this class at a special place in a beautiful park.

The Trees Are Waiting for You...

Calm your anxiety. Ground and send your energy roots into the earth.

Experience the health benefits of forest bathing using beginning and advanced qi gong practices with trees.

Receive diagrams for the qi gong practices, and a companion guide and hours of teaching from Kathleen Whalen.

Includes an introduction to tree bathing, what the difference between tree bathing and qi gong with trees is, what are the different healing properties of trees, and advanced qi gong practices for harnessing more energy in a shorter period of time than tree bathing alone.

To teach about the beauty and magic of trees, the forest floor and the communication between trees - please watch Suzanne Simard share her Ted Talk about how trees communicate with each other.

Her research is the inspiration for the movie Avatar.