Did You Know There Are Specific Days In The Coming Weeks That Are Cosmically Destined To Thrust Thrilling Opportunities… Potential Obstacles... And Risky Danger Into Your Life?






Use the Power Days in the
Conscious Calendars to Discover:

The Perfect Days for 'Hot Dates'
Ideal Wedding Days
Best Time to Start a Business or New Endeavor
Ideal Job Interview Days
How to Make Any Job Interview Day Great

Best Days to change or start an exercise or health routine

About Kathleen

I’ve spent the past 15 years helping tens of thousands of people harness the power of Vedic Astrology – from CEOs and celebrities to artists and housewives. Along the way, I’ve come to realize that before most of us can enjoy the benefits of astrology… we need to be able to understand it, use it, and stick to it.

So many people have come to me confused, frustrated, and stressed out. All because they didn’t know where to start. Or where to find the time to start!

That’s what inspired me to design Conscious Calendars: a simple technology for busy people, that brings the timing and planning benefits of astrology seamlessly into your daily schedule.

After this time is up, you’ll have the option to extend your Conscious Calendar, if you feel it served you. Either way, I hope you enjoy this transformational gift!


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Conscious Calendars: the power of Vedic astrology, simplified.

There is an all-encompassing rhythm pulsating across the universe that quietly influences the daily events, circumstances, people, and even emotions entering your life.

Those who learn to trace out the ebb and flow of this rhythm, and align their lives with it, succeed and are happy and content.

Conscious Calendars are color-coded calendars that simplify the complexity of Vedic Astrology.

You have an elegant and practical solution to tap into the power days each month.

One Glance and You Get It.

Watch the Video to learn about how to use Green Days in the Conscious Calendars. Green Days mean GO!

You can maximize your effectiveness and align with luck on Green Days. People are more available to help and connect on Green Days, for instance you might reach out to an important contact for future work or get a perfect job offer on a Green Day. Green Days are good for social events, romantic connections, and are great for communicating and making major changes in life.  

Green means go and flow with opportunity.

Get your free sample of this month's Conscious Calendar when you sign up on the form on this page for free astrology updates from Kathleen Whalen, Vedic Astrologer.

How would your life change if you knew – in advance – the exact days where every good choice you make, every lucky coincidence you experience, and every wonderful outcome you get feels like the Universe itself is rooting for you.

On the flipside, imagine being able to pinpoint the tricky days where it’s better to just lay low instead of carrying out anything big – like signing a contract, quitting your job, moving house or even getting married.

What effect would this ‘superpower’ have on your career?
Your wealth? Your health? Even your love life?

Apply ancient wisdom today.

One Glance and You Get It.

Every paid subscription level receives the bonuses:

  • Monthly Astro Forecast Videos only for subscribers,
    a detailed written guide every month of what to do to harness health, peace or happiness and two reports


  • Mega Red Day Report (giving you all the eclipse dates of the year and how to reverse unhealthy patterns and maximize your spiritual growth.)

  • Mercury Report (giving all the Mercury retrogrades for a year and the theme of the year.)







With the annual subscription you pay once a year. It costs less than the other plans, and you get to see farther ahead - a whole year ahead instead of two or six months ahead, and you have access to the bonuses!

Ready to dive into aligning with your cosmic rhythm and uncover the direction of your life in the coming months?

Claim your look-ahead subscription to highlight the exact days that are celestially destined to attract opportunity, risk, and sometimes even danger into the most crucial areas of your life. You can choose to look either two, six or twelve months into the future.

You’ll get a calendar that is easy to view on all your devices, including your phone to reference in a snap. You'll have the power to plan, to avoid difficulties and achieve success.

Your Conscious Calendars subscription includes the current free month, plus easy merge Calendar for your phone and access to all the bonuses below.

Or Try It For Free

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Ever since I found Conscious Calendars I LOVE it and have become a Conscious Calendar addict! The calendar helps me plan my day, meetings and appointments for improved success and communication.

- Carolyn

Conscious Calendars like my personal calendar is something that gets a daily look. Like my personal calendar I can't imagine being without it. I have come to understand the awareness of a conscious calendar through the dedicated work of Vedic Astrologer Kathleen Whalen.

- L Bendiksen

A Gift for You

My goal with Conscious Calendars is to bring the timing and conscious power of Vedic astrology to everyone in as fun and easy a way as possible. Part of that is also making it accessible - which is why I want you to experience how this simple system impacts your life over the next 30 days.
After this time is up, you’ll have the option to extend your Conscious Calendar, if you feel it served you. Either way, I hope you enjoy this transformational gift!

privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you

Access ancient wisdom, while you consciously queue your dreams, hopes and plans.

It is easy to align with the cosmic rhythm that surrounds and is within you.

Conscious Calendars helps you key into that rhythm. It's like an energetic weather report, with a year view.

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