Full Moon Sept 2017

The Full Moon in Aquarius this September comes with three major influences

FIRST Mercury goes Direct in Leo on September 5

SECOND the Moon is full in Aquarius and is aligned with Ketu  – so it is called a Yellow Day in the Conscious Calendars system

This full moon will have some flavors and emotional scatteredness that the previous lunar eclipse had in August 2017.

THIRD Mercury passed the mark of where the total solar eclipse occurred on September 2 and it will pass it again on September 7.

Take extra care of your nervous system – drink less coffee, meditate more, laugh more, chill, chill, chill and roll with the changes which are inevitable during this time.

Full Moon in Aquarius occurs Sep 5:
Hawaii @ 9:02 PM
or Sep 6:
Vancouver @ 12:02 AM / Guadalajara @ 2:02 AM / New York @ 3:02 AM
Paris @ 9:02 AM / Taipei @ 3:02 PM / Sydney @ 5:02 PM

Full Moon in Aquarius

The moon is with the influences which bring CHANGE to how you can heal your mind and body.
Shatabhishak is the lunar mansion of the full moon in Aquarius, and is a special place in the sky which connects with magical healing powers embedded within you and your 7th Chakra.

TEACHING by Kathleen Whalen to harness the energy of this special full moon:

So, this full moon might feel un-grounded if you have not planned for some special quiet time to tap into your hidden knowledge and tap into the window and light of the higher chakras.

*** First close your eyes. Then, try focusing your closed eyes, just two fingers beyond the tip of your nose; then relax your eyes.

As you allow your eyes to settle into a ‘bubble’ or region just beyond the tip of your nose, see if your eyes can settle and not move around at all.

Something magical happens at the 6th chakra when you do this. It is a Taoist form of meditation which activates the center of your head. Relax into it and breathe easy. Do not ‘make’ anything happen, allowing is where the healing is.


Tip for taking your meditation to the next level: 

Even though your eyes are closed, see if you can open them a tiny amount, so that light can come in, only if you were to look down, but appears to be pitch black if you look forward with eyes closed. This is a basic teaching of meditation to allow longer and longer sits.

If you would like to know the secrets of how to tap into your cosmic connection with the Universe and your solar system – use Conscious Calendars to help you know AHEAD of time, what patterns are emerging for your highest good, and which patterns are emerging which could be challenging, so you can be prepared and face life with full knowledge and awareness.
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