Supermoon Full Moon December 2017

Blue and Green Crystals growing up in front of Moon

Last Supermoon of 2017 is on December 3!

There are three things you want to know about this full moon.

  • It is a Super Moon & Full Moon in Taurus according to Vedic Astrology – asking you to bring light and action together and expand hope this holiday season.
  • It is a Green Day in the Conscious Calendars system, which means that the planets of goodness are sending extra support to your actions on those days. Some call them lucky days. Use Green Days to connect, be social, sign contracts, set up worldly (money making) endeavors or be romantic.
  • MERCURY begins retrograding all on the same day!

    golden supermoon reflection on waterDec 3, 2017 brings us the full moon in Taurus (remember this is the Vedic Sky map).  There is a stability and stillness to this bright moon (which will look bigger than usual if you see it rising on the horizon on Sunday night).  The stillness has promise, like the possibility that fills us between breaths, while we wait to act.

    It is wise to use the energy of the Green Days AROUND this full moon – in the Conscious Calendars system, the Green Day on Saturday Dec 2 and Monday Dec 4 are really exciting.
    There is more movement that is supportive of creativity, and connection on those days.The energy on December 3rd on the #supermoon day, is connected with foundations. So these days don’t have as much obvious movement, but if you are building or making something that you want to last a very long time, then this is the day to “pour that foundation” to a company, home, relationship, or purchase of something important.

    The Moon is also considered exalted when it is in Taurus in Vedic Astrology, bringing the ability to focus and build consciousness when the moon is full there.  Only one time a year can the moon be full in Taurus, and this year, the Moon is full and opposite the three good giving planets of Venus, Jupiter and Mercury while two of the three good giving planets are in ‘good giving’ or benefic constellations.  This brings more positive and kind, generous and luck spreading energy to actions we take on days when the Moon shines here.
    That means that Dec 1 – 4 the Moon can connect you with people, places and practices which will help you improve yourself, and help you tap into your INNER world and consciousness.

  • Mercury begins Retrograding in Sagittarius, a fire sign on December 3, 2017 too.

  • Aligning Light and Action with the Super Moon in Taurus (Vedic Chart)
    The Full Moon occurs:
    UTC & London – Dec 3 @ 3:46 PM UTC
    Washington, DC –   Dec 3 @ 10:46 AM EST
    Mount Shasta, CA – Dec 3 @ 7:46 AM PST
    Sydney, Australia – Dec 4 @ 2:46 AM AESTThis full moon is about us all bringing more beauty and light into the world. We can make choices based on helping each other and seeing the light in each other this holiday season, and hopefully all year long.This Full Moon (like in November) is directly opposite the planets of light, but this slightly spicier combination, will inspire us to feel expansive hope while spurring us into action in new ways.

    You might be inspired to volunteer over the holidays, reach out to neighbors or learn about a new culture, tasting new foods or traveling to new places.This advice is to help you align with the energies of the planets right now – Jupiter and Mars JUST became aligned in Libra. These two planets together in a good giving sign like Libra help bring justice, truth and advocacy to the forefront in our communities and lives.How can you help honor that we are all one humanity in actions? No words needed. Just show up some place and offer help when needed, be kind in public, especially while driving and possibly volunteer or check in with a neighbor who you do not normally see or who might need some help (the Jupiter and Mars is why I mentioned this, not just because it is holiday season). Helping someone get something done sometimes is better than bringing baked goods to a neighbor. Roll up your sleeves and gently act.
    Your inner wisdom and Spirit will lead the way.
    There is more movement on Dec 4, 2017. This is a mellow day to spend time with friends kind of Green Day in the Conscious Calendars Vedic Astrology system.Blue and Green Crystals growing up in front of Moon

    Venus and Mars

  • This full moon has Venus and Sun opposite the moon in Taurus, with Mars & Jupiter spurring justice and dharmic action to help us each act aligned with our Truth, and retrograding Mercury & Saturn together all setting up an energetic INFINITY sign because Venus and Mars are in each other’s houses – supporting you to use your creativity for good in the world. The intertwining of Venus and Mars marry devotion and love with architectural abilities to bring structure and form to what was just an idea for the past two months.
    Be in action! Ask for help and support to craft something new in your life, be it a routine, a new garden plan, change something to be more beautiful in your home or contribute to a non-profit that has a cause in which you believe.This new expression could be in poetry, art, or joining a multicultural venue that celebrates diversity and open mindedness.Stop looking outward – see what the words on the page say to you, what the bird calling in the trees on your walk sings to you, what passion or curiosity wells up within you the in-between moments. That is how the planets of action (Mars), learning (Mercury), dharma & purpose (Jupiter), spiritual Truth (Saturn), connection and beauty (Venus) while illuminating your emotions, creativity (the full moon with all these influences!) lead you on your path through mid-December!
    You will discover a new way to communicate this month! The special relationship of Mercury and Jupiter during this retrograde will combine ancient and new methods of communication together. Science of the ancients will influence some MAJOR changes in communications – like beyond satellites! 3 Green Days occur during the Mercury Retrograde, which makes them a tad less Green. Still use them, just not for major events.


cosmic galactic golden burst spiral

The Supermoon on November 14, 2016, was the closest since January 26, 1948. The next time a Full Moon will come even closer to Earth is on November 25, 2034 (dates based on UTC time).

 Cold Moon or Long Night Moon

The moon of December in the northern hemisphere also goes by other names. Aptly, the cold days of those in Europe called the December full moon, the cold moon.  With the connection to the longest nights and shortest days of the year, this moon is also called the Long Night Moon.
May you have crystal clear nights, with clarity and safety if you are out during the Supermoon of December 2017.

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