Mercury Retrograde December 2017 Vedic Astrology

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During this Mercury Retrograde period, you will discover a new way to communicate! The special relationship of Mercury and Jupiter during this retrograde will combine ancient and new methods of communication together. Science of the ancients will influence some MAJOR changes in communications – like beyond satellites.

3 Green Days occur during the Mercury Retrograde, which makes them a tad less Green. Still use them, just not for major events.

Communication through Quiet:

Tap into silence. Find new ways of communicating which are not about words.

Mercury retrogrades in Sagittarius:

You see, the planet of communication, Mercury is between the Sun of our solar system and the center of our galaxy right now. When this occurs, along with Saturn being caught in the forces of intense energy that connect “us” in this solar system to our galaxy, dropping into silence and connecting with loved ones through quiet, centered non verbal communication will open new worlds for you.

Practice Silence

If you have never tried to have one hour  of silence in the house, then now is the time (start with 10 minutes if you are new to this).  Remember, silence is NOT consuming media, listening to music, reading a book, talking, watching a movie, dancing…silence is just being. For many this initially brings up anxiety, and the need to want to say something.  Did you realize that listening to music, or reading or looking at your phone is consumption and is stimulating your senses? Many people do not realize this.

When we practice true silence, soon, something else happens, and we realize that we can BE.

And then other amazing things begin to happen..

Sometimes the sense of calm only comes after an emotion bubbles to the surface, or a feeling of physical tension is released, or anxiety may reel and try and get you to…get some water, go to the bathroom, wiggle with energy. It is all OK!
No one is asking you to sit perfectly still.  Just notice what you want to do, and if thoughts come or ‘things to do’ pop up, that is ok. Just jot them down on a piece of paper, usually for the first 30 seconds to minute. 
This is not meditation. This is just sitting and being. You might just be sitting on the floor, looking out of the window (which is a form of consumption if you are watching the drama of neighbors or of the birds.) 
Keep things simple. Notice how you may WANT to read, or fidget, or do something…

Just notice. It is all ok. Noticing is what becomes awareness and growth eventually, and being present is the key to finding bliss with everything we do, actually.

During the quiet zone, notice. If we need to communicate, we can assess if it is urgent, or perhaps does not need to be asked or commented upon, or could be written down on a list to be shared at the end of the QUIET HOUR.

This is a great method to teach children how to ‘self soothe’ and a great method to help adults find new ways of noticing, and connecting in non-verbal ways.

Silence can give way to long hours of not speaking, and using hand signals, like how we communicate with well-trained dogs. If we all stopped, made eye contact, took a breath, and then made a hand signal to describe what we were requesting of another person, and then waited for their response, we all would actually feel more connected!

We can actually feel more connected without using words. Eye contact, pausing, and noticing what someone else is doing and seeing if they need help can make an enormous difference in how you work, play or operate a household.
For many of you who have ever gardened or worked hard labor in the out doors or traveled long distances looking out at the horizon without speaking in a car or convoy of motorcycles or worked with animals understand what I am describing.

There can be long hours of not speaking, but plenty of communication when people are working well together.

On December 10, Mercury Retrogrades back into Scorpio, so it is important to continue to ask for clarity if you are overseeing any projects. Make sure the client directly tells you yes or no on items, and answers all your questions. If you are hiring anyone for a project, make sure to have contingencies in your contracts to clarify any expansion of work. Make sure your contracts are squeaky clean!

Portrait of a stressed man looking at laptop with hands raisedAccording to Vedic wisdom, Mercury Retrograde can bring many opportunities for deeper understanding and can seed a new path for resourcefulness and give a chance to re-do something. Of course, when Mercury goes retrogrades you can count on misunderstandings, mis-communications, missed connections (in travel and in your thinking), missed deadlines, and even frazzled electrical parts, cables or connections in communication devices.

Double check your work and remember: Just because you think you communicated clearly, does not mean your communication was clearly received and understood. Take a deep breath and check in.

During Mercury Retrograde, it’s important to boost the body systems that can be extra challenged at this time. Along with the shift of seasons, commit yourself to taking extra good care of yourself.

  • Green Tea: Kathleen highly recommends drinking Green Tea during Mercury Retrograde for many reasons, such as boosting your language and memory functions (connected with Mercury) as well as overall well being and vitality. Remember to check with your doctor before adding a new supplement, even something as simple as tea can have profound health effects and it’s important to do your own due diligence and act responsibly in regards to your health.
  • Eat and drink Leafy Green Veggies: a great way to increase nutrients to the brain, calm the nervous system, and thrive in the midst of Mercury Retrograde stressors.
  • Meditate: Calming down can help you focus and boost productivity and help you be more successful with less mistakes. Learning stress reduction techniques can help as well any planning, communication, or tech glitches arise.
  • Connect with Nature: Spending time outdoors can do wonders for boosting your mental capacities and your overall physical health.
  • Understanding your personal Mercury Mysteries: Did you know that Mercury in your natal Vedic Chart describes your mind, and intellect and controls your ability to learn new things and store that information in your brain? It sometimes even determines the size of your library or your ability to track stories, logic or details. In Vedic astrology, Mercury is connected with the ability to comprehend and process what is said to you. The good news is that you can improve all of those abilities with practice and diligence; everyone can improve their mind.

Plan on re-negotiating contracts and work projects begun during Mercury Retrograde

It is a classic time for small errors (please double check your typing when you sign up for something new online!), and technology glitches to occur. Make sure to the best of your ability, that any new agreements are very clear, or make an agreement that you will return to the discussion and clarify things after December 23, 2017. This way, you can move forward with work, project based work and contracts, all the while knowing that you will need to re-negotiate portions of your agreement since all is not revealed or all is not-clear during Mercury Retrogrades. It is as simple as that.

Mercury Retrograde road sign on cloud road for new messages aheadOn December 22, 2017 Mercury will appear to “go direct” and we enter the last phase of Mercury Retrograde where we receive answers and clarifications that seem to appear all of a sudden.
Understanding how someone else feels or thinks about something is a common experience in this last phase of Mercury retrograde, and there are often eye-opening conversations. Remain grounded and open when you hear the new information. It will allow you to be nimble and flexible and respond in a compassionate way to the new information.

Extra Resources: 

Individual Vedic Astrology Chart Reading: Everyone can benefit from deeper insights into their own personal birth chart and Mercury Retrograde can be the perfect time to gain more personal wisdom about your starry make up. This is especially true for those whose birth chart shows that Mercury needs more support. An Individual Vedic Astrology Chart Reading with Kathleen Whalen can help you unravel and understand some of your Mercury mysteries, and as you might be imagining, this insight can be super beneficial during these Mercury Retrograde periods.

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