A regular Red Day is different than a Mega Red Day (which is an eclipse day).

There is a Red Day once a month for most of the year. Three months of every year have the eclipses - which are MEGA Red Days to remind you to stop, chill and drop deep into your personal spiritual practices.

Below are 3 Videos.

First learn about the Red Days each month - simply the lowest lunar or quietest mental energy each month.
Then gain deep insights into the eclipse days and why you want to know when the Mega Red Days are every year.
Part 2 video teaches you how to deepen a commitment or build discipline exponentially fast - a secret way to work with the eclipses.

Be sure to download your full Mega Red Day Report below and the PDF with Dates for the current year's Mega Red Days.


About Kathleen

Kathleen has been helping people find health, harmony, love, the just-right career, and their personal spiritual practices for over twenty years.

In every class,session or workshop with Kathleen, you get access to her background and knowledge of biochemistry, neuroscience, acupuncture & Chinese herbal medicine, qi gong, meditation, mantra & sound healing and Vedic Astrology to reveal the path to your highest good.

Kathleen is blessed to have learned from deeply mystical and acclaimed teachers from a Taoist priest to Tibetan Buddhist nuns and monks, her Vedic Astrology teachers over 16 years, Pieter Weltevrede, Gina Sala and more.

Kathleen helps you access your personal magic and to create a fulfilling life through Vedic Astrology(Jyotisha or the science of light), Numerology and Mind-body Consulting.

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