New Moon in Cancer July 23

Go with the flow, feel the love

New Moon in water sign reminds us to “Go with the Flow” and tap into Love

The New Moon in the constellation of Cancer – reminds us of what is important in life when we let go of our expectations. So much magic can happen when we let go and stop struggling.

Just like the image reminds us, the New Moon is ‘happy’ and powerful and asks us to relax and go with the flow.

The Moon is in its own sign the constellation of Cancer – the sign of the Moon.

We are in the middle of a zone of time that beckons fun, relaxation and rejuvenation – where ever you live.

Connect with friends and to feel harmony when we gather over meals.

Get ready to feel your power by letting go and going with the flow. Relaxation and wanting to just chill are a strong current in our lives right now. Can you feel it?

The question this month is: Do you want to be happy or do you want to be right?

This New Moon combines with the peace loving Mars and gives each of us the ability to not let our pet peeves or our opinions or need to be right to get in the way of connecting with those we love.

The next three weeks are about learning to have more connection and intimacy in our lives when we learn to let go.

Tap into Love

Tap into Love in a new way, let go of judgement as often as you can for the next three weeks and see if you are happier. Of course, use discrimination at work to get things done, and in your personal relationships, see if letting go of strong opinions creates more room for connection.

Venus and Saturn activate a desire for Minimalism

This New Moon timing combines the influence of Venus and Saturn (in Taurus and Scorpio) to beckon us to simplify and clear our homes and minds. When we get rid of stuff, we really get to see what is important in life – relationships, purpose, love, adventure, clarity and freedom.

If you have Netflix – you might watch Minimalism with two entertaining guys called “The Minimalists” and how they are finding happiness despite their somewhat troubled upbringings and empty jobs prior to simplifying their lives.

Clear the way for what is important

What is most important to you in life? If you don’t know, then clearing clutter can really begin to uncover what truly matters to you most.

Venus and Saturn light up simplifying our lives. Minimalism (or just getting rid of stuff you don’t use anymore) opens the doorway to a happier and more carefree way to live.

Venus and Saturn support letting go and clearing to prepare soil for new crop in life

Right now the planets are supporting us to let go of objects that we no longer need, to let go of resentments and forgive and be ambassadors of Peace.

A great way to connect with this flowing, homey energy of Cancer is to have a small group of friends over in the next few weeks. To prepare for the gathering – clear your countertops or one section of your closet. Just like clearing our bodies of the old dust bunnies when we cleanse, clearing your home makes space to have a settled mind.

If you are not a cook, have the meal be a pot luck or community creation.

Harmony, simplicity, happiness with the New Moon in Cancer and Venus and Saturn influence

As you help create harmony with your family and friends by gathering over a meal, you tap into the ooey gooey center of summer in the northern hemisphere (and the thawing of winter in the southern hemisphere – aligning with the theme of flow for you too.  The rivers of melting ice bring movement to the immune system for those in the southern hemisphere.)
This go with the flow New Moon lights up play and rest, then repeat, wherever you live.

New Moon in Cancer constellation is July 23
New Moon Occurs:
Sunday July 23 at
2:45 AM Vancouver
5:45 AM New York
10:45 AM London
5:45 PM Singapore

Saturday July 22 in Hawaii at 11:45 pm


This means that the Sun appears to be in Cancer constellation along with the Moon. In our orbit around the sun, looking out to the constellations from Earth, the sun appears to have just “moved” into the constellation of Cancer (we can’t see the constellation any more because of the light from the Sun). And the New Moon aligns with the same constellation, giving us the New Moon in Cancer. This is the map of astronomers and the same map Vedic Astrologers use. Western astrology uses a different map you could say.

Vedic Sky Map:

When standing on the Earth and looking to the fixed stars of the constellations above, the Sun appears to be in the constellation of Cancer now – if you could see all the stars around our bright sun! It is the astronomy of where the moon resides and called sidereal or Vedic Sky Map.

This New Moon connects us with the power of water – if we resist the water’s current we only get tired, and if we float, we are buoyant and light, and can make it through any situation.

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