Mercury Center

Mercury Center

Here you'll learn all about Mercury and the most important things you need to know about Mercury Retrogrades.

As part of this special bonus, you receive 7 important teachings (SEE #5 for the BIGGEST WARNING OF THE YEAR!):

Your ticket gets you access to the live, in-person Prosperity Course with Kathleen Whalen while on the cruise, plus these bonuses:

Step 2
Purchase your Cruise cabin - sold separately, rates as low as:
$377 - $575 TOTAL per person for the entire Four night
Abundance Cruise including taxes and port fees.

Each Cruise Course Purchase gains you access to the In-Person Prosperity & Happiness Course on the cruise with Kathleen. Bring a family or friend for just their cabin price, if they do not want the Prosperity Course, and get our rock-bottom group rate.
The more the merrier.

Buy your cruise cabin now, get access to our group rate prices (the cruise is sold-out except for our group rates).



Receive $50 to apply to a session with Kathleen if you buy and attend the Cruise Course only.
(If you would like the Personal Prosperity Sounds Package which includes the Cruise-course, go HERE to learn more.)


A deep training on THE Prosperity Practice of a lifetime, an entire online Prosperity Mantra & Happiness Program that gives over 4 hours of training and bonuses yours FREE with the purchase of a Cruise Course ticket.


A 45 minute session on the cruise teaching you a special health & clearing mantra. And an ideal romantic relationship mantra (to attract or to help improve the current one). There is a special way to use this mantra which helps magnetize love and partnership that Kathleen teaches.

★★★★★ Five Stars!

“This honestly has been one of the key tools that has shaped my life for the past 7+ years. I use it every day/week/month/year for my personal and professional life. It has helped me build 7-figure companies and impact millions of lives. Thank you Kathleen for creating and sharing this life-changing tool!”

$99 Special Green Days Sale!

The Prosperity Mantra & Happiness Program costs $197 and is valued at $727.

You get it free with your Cruise Course ticket.

Buy your Prosperity Course now, and get access to our special group rate.

The Prosperity Cruise takes place over 5 days with 4 of them Green Days!

  • This is currently on sale for $99. But the room deals are first come, first serve.
  • This experience comes with an entire Prosperity Mantra and Prosperity Practices Training Course. You receive the course so you can practice and learn now and gather energy before we meet in person in the fall on the cruise.
  • Manifestation takes on another level with these practices.

When you integrate these Prosperity Practices your purpose, delight and opportunities step into your life, literally.

Everyone's Prosperity karmas are different ~ on the cruise, we learn and discuss how prosperity is in your life now, and how it can expand into other areas of our life when we shift perspective, expand gratitude for what we HAVE and some other life altering practices ~ all in the safety of a group vacation setting.

***Everyone's Personal Prosperity Sounds and karmas are different.***

Learn about your  unique combination and patterns and how to work with them for expanded happiness, meaning, purpose and income/wealth (if it is in your chart), and how to activate your forms of prosperity in the Personal Prosperity Sounds Package HERE.

About Kathleen

Kathleen has been helping people find health, harmony, love, the just-right career, and their personal spiritual practices for over twenty years.

In every class,session or workshop with Kathleen, you get access to over 34 years of her background and knowledge of biochemistry, neuroscience, acupuncture & Chinese herbal medicine, qi gong, meditation, mantra & sound healing and Vedic Astrology to reveal the path to your highest good.

Kathleen is blessed to have learned from deeply mystical and acclaimed teachers from a Taoist priest to Tibetan Buddhist nuns and monks, her Vedic Astrology teachers over the past 16 years, including sacred artist Pieter Weltevrede, and kirtan and world chants leader Gina Sala and more.

Kathleen helps you access your personal magic and to create a fulfilling life through Vedic Astrology(Jyotisha or the science of light), Numerology and Mind-body Consulting.

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