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Gather Focus and Energy on the Red Day Each Month
Let Kathleen Guide and Teach You How to
~ Be Here Now ~

Discover The Red Days Each Month and Align With Cosmic Rhythm Throughout The Year:


Red Days are No Days:

  • No major business activity recommended.
  • No launches
  • No buying homes
  • Do not sign contracts in general
  • Do not over-do physical exercise or workouts or push yourself too hard
  • These are good days for resting, caring for your health and spiritual practices or moving slower through your day.

Did you know that there is at least one regular Red Day each month?

And then... there are 4 - 6 Mega Red Days each year too, which are even more important to know.
You can avoid event catastrophes, and headaches, and learn the secret to exponentially improve your life - if you know what to do on these days.

Those who get the full Conscious Calendars experience get the extensive Mega Red Day report that helps them minimize catastrophes and harness the power of these days - and paid subscribers get the list of ALL the MEGA RED DAYS FOR THE YEAR too.

How could being prepared have helped you face your last chaotic day? Share your experience & wisdom below:


Gather strength and Self-Nourish on Red Days.
Tap into the Cosmic Rhythm that naturally runs through you and throughout The Year: