Conscious Coaching with Vedic Astrology --
Returning Client Session

Returning Client Vedic Astrology Session – 60 minutes

This is for returning clients who want an update of any kind.  You might want to review or go deeper in your experience or discuss new topics.  We can cover an annual review some call a solar return for your birthday, cover relationships, help plan for major changes, discuss nuances of improving your life with vibrational healing practices, gain deeper perspective on your life and understand those around you in new ways.
This session is for clients who have had their initial session with Kathleen in the last three years; if it has been more than that for you, the in depth initial session is needed to help you see your current karmic timing, patterns and help you make clear choices.

This session is really a rarity, as Kathleen works primarily in coaching packages to better serve you.



Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will the session be recorded?

    Yes, all sessions are automatically recorded unless you request otherwise.  You are sent a link to download your mp3 recording within an hour or day of your session.

  • Will I receive a copy of my Vedic Birth Chart?

    Yes, all first sessions receive a PDF of your birth chart in an email one hour to 5 minutes before your session.  You are walked through the basics of your chart, so that you have it for future reference. You do not need to know anything about Vedic Astrology.  Kathleen likes you to know what your Ascendant, Sun and Moon are in this system.

  • What if I have questions after my first session?

    It is likely that the information is in the replay of the session.  Try listening to the recording again, and see if the answer is already there. If you still have questions, Kathleen has created a special Follow Up short session for $90 for 30 minutes to answer your questions.  It is recommended to have this session one month after your first session to get more out of the experience.  Then, according to your chart and personal timing and goals, follow up sessions may be a year or years later, or bi-monthly coaching to guide an entrepreneur through a creative or expanding phase.

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If you have further questions for us, reach out at [email protected] and we will get back to you promptly.