Solstice and New Moon in June

Let the Light IN

Happy Solstice!

Celebrate and Capture the Light wherever you live with June Solstice!

There are THREE important things to know for this week, and at least two things to do to make it a successful week.

FIRST: Solstice is June 20 for Central Time and West. It’s June 21 for Eastern Time, Europe and Australia.

Solstice is at 11:24 pm Central Time, 9:24 pm Pacific Time today (June 20) and June 21 at 12:24 am EDT or 2:24 pm AEST Australia.

It’s the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere, and the shortest day of the year in the southern hemisphere. Either way you slice it – this is a celebration of LIGHT, and a turning point for everyone on the planet. What are you turning around in your life right now? A belief, a habit or routine, an attitude?
Keep reading to shed light on how you might turn things around a little easier.

ACTION: Celebrate the light by lighting the fire within and anchoring light.


  • Celebrate and be social with friends and family. Cozy intimate experiences will be most resonant.  Keep dinners and gatherings small and focused on fun and connection.
  • Make a fire and hang out relaxing in the light. Make a fire on the beach, in your backyard, in the fireplace, or light candles and light your wishes for the rest of the year with it.
  • HEALTH TIP and anchor the light or those in the southern hemisphere (around the shortest day of the year for you):

    Find some St. John’s Flower oil and put drops of it on your belly, inside the forearms and thighs.  I love Flower Essence Services St. John’s Shiled oil (it is in California, U.S.A. so spendy to have shipped to Australia or New Zealand.) St. John’s shield, anchors the light within the plant and literally turns the oil red with its infusion. This incredible oil from one of my favorite companies (no affiliate link) is here:  Find a place in the southern hemisphere to save on shipping which makes a St. John’s Wort oil.  For those of you in the sunshine – do NOT put the oil on and go out into the Sun, the oil will focuses the light and makes it sensitive to light. wow.(St. John’s Shield topical oil can be used in December for those in the northern hemisphere.)

SECOND: ● New Moon June 23/24 is in a fierce and divinely discontent part of the heavens – use that for change!

This New Moon is in Gemini (Vedic Sky map is different than Western astrology) at 10:30 pm Eastern Time EDT on Friday June 23rd or at 2:30 am UTC / 3:30 am BST London Time on Saturday June 24th.

New Moon ACTION: Use this rough and tumble moon, that likes to buck the system and do things their own way, to change something that has been bugging you for the past few months. Want to not be irritated? Then, change something related to YOU, do not focus on someone else. This new Moon (called Ardra) has a laser like energy to it with the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Mars all aligned within the same 12 degrees of sky!

This section of sky calls for strong clearing actions, like attacking bad habits. For instance:

  • You might want someone to come over to your house and enact a BIG, DEEP clean of your home or office.
  • Get rid of things you have not used, get rid of food or snacks that do not support your health and vitality. (Get an accountability partner, so you can help each other.)
  • With Mars adding fuel to the fire, and Gemini fanning the flames (it’s an air sign); you really want to use this laser focus while you have it to get rid of the old patterns or stuff.

It’s OK, this New Moon in Ardra can highlight feeling like a hot-mess too, and the energy is lighting up your human ability to survive and thrive despite the circumstances of life.

This New Moon helps you face the pain you might have been avoiding or allows you to grab your dark side and tug it into the light. Like a vampire which dissolves in the light, the actual clearing will be easier than the resistance. You can get rid of a habit, by focusing on what the LIGHT or opposite of it is. For instance, instead of junk food, don’t judge the desire, just have a sip of water first or have a piece of fruit first before deciding if you will have that tempting sweet something – BETTER YET, send love into the piece of fruit and eat that with all your focus and heart. See what happens then!

Shift a habit – with a little help from our friends: Ask for help from a friend, even asking for help out loud to the air, to the Universe, to your angels or God, and then change your posture or position in the room, this will help you to just ‘do it’ – to get the clutter out of the house or get choose the light, vibrant, healthy food in the moment. “Just for this moment, I will choose the food and drink of light” No expectations after that…

And the day of nourishment and quiet or the Red Day this month is June 23 because the New Moon rises with Sunrise for most of the world on June 24. This is the LOWEST energy of the year in the southern hemisphere. The turn around happens now!

Travel is definitely NOT recommended on this New Moon.


You will really feel the shift on June 21 when you wake.  Now this relieves the intensity for world political issues, and it finishes a cycle for many of you who had a really rough year last year.

Luckily, Saturn will NOT be with Mars in Scorpio this time around, so fulfilling duty and showing up for family will be easier this time around.

REVITALIZE: Watch the free Masterclass replay from last week as I share some of my favorite Micropractices with Rachel Alexandria for revitalizing in these intense times ( Rachel shares a powerful practice for clearing ).

We shared three fast, easy ways to gather energy instantly that can be used anywhere, anytime.

Remember to use all the Green Days to your advantage, especially with 12 more Green Days before the BIG August Eclipses!

If you have any questions, email

Celebrating the light and wildness within you!

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