SuperMoon New Year 2018

Cosmic Full Super Moon January 1, 2018

This year starts with a bang and expansive light! There is a Super Moon that is a Full Moon on January 1, 2018 or Jan 2 for some (see exact times below). It’s a Full Moon and New Year that give you expansive possibilities for the month and sets the tone for the year.

Use the first three weeks of the year wisely because there is a big shift at the end of January…with a Total Lunar Eclipse. I will share with you this month how to use the day of the cosmic portal and Lunar Eclipse for huge shifts in health and spiritual practices.

What is your Vision for the next year? Help make it happen!

Full Moon is a Super Moon – it looks bigger than usual, and is it beautiful on the horizon!

In Vedic astrology, this full moon is in Gemini in a slice of sky that brings out uniqueness and drive. Thank goodness, since there are NO planets in Earth signs, this moon helps remind us that persistence can help us achieve in the end. Small acts over time can yield HUGE results!

FULL MOON THEME: What brings you lasting joy?
Focus on it, and sit down this week and schedule time with the activities and people who help you feel meaning in life – help it happen this year.

And what attitude or old thought pattern are you willing to release that connects you with the things that give meaning to your life? For instance, if you want to spend more time with close friends, actively set time in your schedule to SEE them, go for walks, have them join you at an event. In these busy times, actively put time in your schedule TO DO what brings meaning into your life.

Do you need more time in nature, quiet time, or exercise? 

Most importantly, it is imperative to not get stuck in talking about what you are letting go, but to be in action about it.

The reason is that there are no planets in Earth signs at a Vata time of year. (Vata is an airy state of being which is one of the doshas, or imbalanced states in Ayurveda. Ayurveda is the ancient healing system of India, and is connected with Vedic Astrology).

Make plans to connect with what helps you tap into FLOW (being challenged, while being in a creative zone) in life.

Most importantly, are you willing to commit to a routine, or to give up complaining or patterns of lack to actively set and reach for what you want in life?  This is the time to put your efforts into what you “say you want in life”.
Help the Universe help you. Take action.

Sweat, work and enjoyment can really be woven together. This Full Moon reminds us of the simple pleasures in life. See if you can repair something in your home or office instead of buying something new and disposable.  Get help fixing a problem from family and friends – problem solving can be an adventure! 

This Full Moon is in Gemini in the Vedic Sky Map. This is an intense Full Moon which fuels great change in our lives, here’s why.
The Moon in an air sign can bring inquisitiveness, intelligence and curiosity to spur you to want some change, and to ask good questions.  Since this Moon is opposite the planet of discipline, science and logic (Saturn), and the Sun in Sagittarius with a special Venus which is burning new patterns of love, connection and intimacy into our lives; the Full Moon is asking you:

What are you willing to release to have meaning and joy in your life?

Full Moon Super Moon

The Full Super Moon Occurs on

Monday, January 1:
9:24 PM ET
6:24 PM PT
Tuesday, January 2:
2:24 AM UTC / GMT (London)
1:24 PM Sydney, Australia

Action Changes Things

Take Action – it helps ground you.

HEALTH TIP FOR JANUARY There are NO planets in Earth signs except the invisible node of the Moon, Ketu (and the Moon a few days a month). It is more important than ever to help ground yourself and take action instead of getting stuck in patterns of thinking about things or just talking about things.

The season of winter is a typical Vata time in Ayurveda and is a dry and airy time of year anyway. When we combine that Mars and Jupiter, planets of vision and action are in overthinking, air sign Libra, and all the other planets are in fire or water signs…we are in need of some EARTH.

As a result, I am reminding you that ACTION CHANGES THINGS. If you want things to be different – then act differently. It shifts things immediately. And if you regularly ACT in certain ways, you have just created a routine and dare I say…DISCIPLINE.
Healthy routines and having a network of connection (even a virtual one) has been proven to lead to success and happiness.

Make special note: There are two full moons in January 2018 and I will be sharing with you a FREE LIVE experience about all of 2018 and what is so special about the January Moons too!

The free LIVE experience is on a Green Day…on January 10, 2018 at 12:30 pm. If you are on the email list and OPEN your emails, you will get all the details about the live class on what you need to know for 2018.

It’s an exciting time with the Full Moon and the New Year combining to help expand your possibilities this year!

January 31, 2018 is both a Blue Moon and a TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE!

I have a different take on these events in Vedic Astrology and teach you how to use these windows of time to deepen your spiritual path and to REVERSE negative habits if you plan well for the eclipses.

There are 5 eclipses this year – and January 31 / Feb 1 and two weeks later on Feb 15, 2018, there is a partial solar eclipse.  Eclipses are potent times, but not for what most people share on the internets – it is NOT a time to ‘manifest’ or set intentions! Get the full Mega Red Day or Eclipse report when you buy a subscription to Conscious Calendars, and watch the extensive training videos where I walk you through the many ways to USE this time to improve yourself. 

I am excited for you to learn how to harness these times for deeper spiritual connection.

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