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Make note of the Red, Yellow and Green Days right away, and use the Green Days for advancing important opportunities.

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Your Conscious Calendar Helps You Find Best Days For

Getting a New Job
Going on a Romantic Date
Making Health Changes that Stick
Starting New Endeavors
Making Big Purchases or Signing Contracts of Any Kind...

and Avoiding Headaches and Delays.

Here's more on how to benefit from Conscious Calendars.

How to use the Calendars.

I'll Even Give You Three FREE Bonuses For Even Better Results When You Purchase a Calendar Subscription...for as little as $12.95 you receive:

BONUS 1:  Monthly Conscious Reflections Training Session To Help You Prosper Through The Shifting Waves Of Astrological Weather

For every month you stay subscribed to Conscious Calendars, I’ll send you bonus multimedia training sessions revealing how to make the most of your Calendar in that month. These sessions will be both fun and eye opening, as I empower you with practical lifestyle tips… fascinating astrological wisdom… and even mind-body-spirit exercises you can use in conjunction with your Calendar for even deeper personal power, positive outcomes and wonderful ‘coincidences’.

BONUS 2:  A Mega Red Days PDF Report To Help You Identify And Handle Some Of The Riskier Red Days Coming In 2017

Not all red days are made equal! There are between 4 to 6 MEGA Red Days each year that can wreak havoc to your plans - unless you learn when they are, what energies they carry, and what you should and shouldn't do when they arrive.

This essential PDF report gives you all the dates and advice you need to not only anticipate and survive Mega Red Days - but even to turn them to your advantage. Just use it with your monthly Conscious Calendar, and rest easy knowing you're covered!

BONUS 3:  A Mercury Retrograde Report To Help You Prosper Throughout The Most Infamous Astrological Period Known To Man

Mercury retrogrades 3 to 4 times a year - and each time it does you'll hear a lot of people saying yep, that's why things are a little crazy right now. But do you know what Mercury Retrograde really means... and how to properly handle it? Use this handy PDF report to learn the truth about this fascinating astrological phenomenon, when it's happening in 2017, and how to position yourself above the misunderstandings, miscommunications and malfunctions that it often sparks.

You get ALL the Bonuses Including Access to the Monthly Astro Forecast Videos (sometimes up to four videos a month of deeper teachings) and Detailed 10 - 15 page PDF giving you information ahead of time about the new and full moons, planetary shifts and what to do about it and a detailed description of the Red, Yellow, Green Days that month by Kathleen.

Now, you have a month of Conscious Calendars for FREE right now. Make sure to open your emails because they give you access to special behind the scenes teachings on how to rock you world when you use Red, Yellow and Green Days to your advantage, and to join our community in your emails and compare notes on what you observe on the different types of days.

If you want advanced training on how to avoid headaches and maximize your Conscious Acts for health, wealth and connection, then purchase the Full Conscious Calendars Experience to gain access to these deeper trainings, instantly.



Get access to Red, Yellow and Green training videos ONLY for paid subscribers, Vedic Astro reports, monthly Astro Video Forecasts and written PDF for fast integration of what to know each month.

Get health insights, learn how to use Green Days to expand wealth and how to use Red Days for inner transformation; access for paid subscribers only.



See the Power Days for the Next Year
and Use the Calendars to Discover:

The Perfect Days for 'Hot Dates'
Ideal Wedding Days
Best Time to Start a Business or New Endeavor
Ideal Job Interview Days
How to Make Any Job Interview Day Great

Receive all the Bonuses
See a Year ahead - Now that is Vision.

Have questions on how this works? Watch the Videos below to learn how to use Red, Yellow and Green Days each month and work with the natural ebb and flow of the Universe.

Want to watch them later? That's great because you are being emailed all the information and links to this free training as part of your first month experience.

VIDEO: How To Make The Most
of Green Days

VIDEO: How To Weather The Storm
On Yellow & Red Days

"The results that I receive from using the Conscious Calendar in my monthly and daily planning are two-fold. Firstly, I know what to avoid engaging in during Yellow and Red days, thus saving me unnecessary suffering as well as time and energy expenditure. Secondly, I can plan proactively on the Green days and use that energy of harmony, ease and flow to boost success in my business and personal endeavors."

- Lórien Eck, Cosmic Artist

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