Venus Drifts into the Light of the Sun

Love, Venus and new patterns of intimacy

Speak your intentions out loud to invoke the AIR element

Venus falling into the Fire – New Patterns of Love

Say farewell to Venus for a while, as Venus has dropped below the horizon and is so close to the bright light of the Sun, it is hard to see from Earth.

As Venus drifts closer to the Sun from our point of view, it is seen as having it’s energy or light burned in Vedic Astrology. Usually, that can make for challenging times in romance, love and feeling connected…except

Venus in special dance with Jupiter leads to new patterns of love, connection and intimacy

But with Venus in a special dance with Jupiter from December 20, 2017 through Friday January 12, 2018 – Venus in Sagittarius brings a burning away of old patterns that have kept you from feeling and receiving love in the past.

It is time to discover, name and throw the old patterns in the fire – and name, cultivate and allow connection and intimacy in new ways.
Speak your intentions out loud to invoke the AIR element, which expands the energy and connection to help bring your dreams of connection and love with friends, family, community and lover into BEING.

Saying your new patterns of love and connection out-loud also connects the expansive power of Jupiter which is with Mars in an air constellation of harmony in Libra.
Use the Green Days and Full Super Moon to meet with those you are setting the new patterns with!

Romance is only one small portion of what Venus lights up in our lives.

Venus lights up how we experience joy, happiness and connection in all ways, so this applies to enjoying family, friends, social gatherings, music, creativity, and how you access feeling connected to yourself, which actually sets the tone for how present and intimate/vulnerable you can be with others. Intimacy is not about romance and sex, but how open-hearted you can be with your community, family and friends who you trust.

This time of Venus in Sagittarius is a unique window to resetting patterns of what you are looking for in life to feel delight, joy, and feeling accepted for who you are.

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Jupiter has been moving away from sunrise (in our orbit around the Sun), while Venus has been moving toward the sunrise into the bright light.
In Vedic astrology, when a good-giving planet like Jupiter is ‘out’ during the day, it is considered an auspicious birth for those born during that time.

So, if you have friends giving birth during this time, you can tell them the good news of this fortune.





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