Harmony, Peace and Passion Video in November 2017

For three weeks in November, Venus will be in Libra with the justice giving and visionary Jupiter.

November 2 – November 26, 2017 Venus will be in Libra – it’s own sign; which is like having a caring and listening Queen in the executive throne ruling from a Heart-mind that is connected with all of the kingdoms subjects.

Full Moon Harmony and Love in Action

Light is shifting every cell of your being today, and for the next THREE weeks.

Look to be in harmony for your personal healing to detoxify and calm the heat and inflammation in your nervous system, and to help clear and build compassion between groups of people.

You can use this next week (around the energy of the full moon) and the next THREE weeks using the energy of VENUS AND JUPITER TOGETHER in Libra which only happens once every TWELVE years, to volunteer, or to help bring goodness into the world.

We are all connected, we are connected and loved even when we don’t feel like it (that is what previous three weeks of Venus in Virgo can bring up in some of us), and we can be in action for harmony and Peace!

Libra is the sign of harmony and Peace. The planets of light Jupiter and Venus are in the sign of diplomacy, and the planets of advocacy – Mars – is exchanged with Mercury bringing great language, and skill to help broker peace (and healing related to things like abuse, and protecting the vulnerable in the world).

Let’s all step up over the next week – choose ONE thing you change in your day which decreases inflammation (meditation decreases inflammation fyi), and choose ONE thing over the next three weeks which connects you with the arts, music, community, creativity, being crafty, or to volunteer or work for Peace somewhere in your neighborhood, city or the world.

So, many of my colleagues are sharing healing rituals and getting together and collaborating.

This is a powerful three weeks – and even more powerful when we know that December brings Mercury retrograde…
So, express yourself in a way that is unique to you – enjoying art, being kind to strangers, volunteering…

Looking forward to hearing 12 years from now, what movements of Peace were born during this month, that have rippled great change into the world!

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