Moon in Capricorn Yellow Days

Laughing at Changes with Moon in Capricorn

3 Yellow Days in a Row: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday

On October 27, 28, and 29 Moon in Capricorn.

Do you have a spiritual practice you are particularly called to right now? Even a few minutes of a morning practice right now can help to add lightness to these Yellow Days.

These three days (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) give us a chance to dive deep into our spiritual practices which will make the Yellow Days in two weeks feel less emotional.

What you do on these day CAN make a difference.

This is all about what patterns you want to shift in your life, that can you shift with small, incremental choices. Notice how you can use the Yellow Days to your advantage, by using the Earth energy of these days to bring your spirituality into everyday life.

As you walk, how can you bring mantra or chant into each step to help you have a clear mind? As you cook, as you drive? Notice how life can be an endless connection with love, peace and harmony, as you make choices differently in the face of change – like not getting upset when obstacles appear in your commute or technology goes on the fritz. Deep breath. Bring it back to the center.

Yellow Days can bring obstacles, uncertainties, drama, distraction, delays. They can be slower days. They are good days to focus on behind the scenes tasks and practice mindfulness, staying focused on what you are doing, but know that some shifts and changes may occur through out the day. Just breathe through it, steady and calm.

Yellow Days can have us laughing at how the Universe seems to remind us that all things change.

Try using some self-hypnotherapy or mind focusing binaural beats music to help you focus on Yellow Days. Be kind with yourself on Yellow Days, while being open to change, and keeping your focus and work on track at the same time.



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