About Kathleen Whalen M.S.


Kathleen M. Whalen M.S. is a trained acupuncturist and herbalist, Vedic astrologer and sculptress who joyfully weaves vibrational healing and pragmatic ancient wisdom with whom she works.

Kathleen’s background in biochemistry and attending the University of Texas at Houston School of Medicine - medical school gives her a unique ability to help individuals and groups based in logic and the ancient healing systems.

Kathleen is lucky to have many world renown teachers, including yantra, mantra and Indian water-color artist Pieter Weltevrede.

Kathleen was a student of Thubten Chodren (and once through assisting Thubten Chodren, Kathleen organized talks for Pema Chodren) and has received teachings and special blessings in the Kagyu, Nyingma and Gelugpa lineages and received teachings and blessings from Lama Yeshe and Lama Zopa Rinpoche.

In 1993, after finishing her internship in hospitals in China for acupuncture, Kathleen was magically whisked to Mount Kailas and Lake Manosorovar  where she trekked and went on pilgrimmage around these holy sites (the home of Shiva, the source of the Ganges river and a sacred place to Tibetan Buddhists and Bon Po alike).

Before Mount Kailas, she traveled to Tsurpu, Tibet and received blessings from the current, 17th Karmapa of the Kagyu lineage (Urgyen Trinley Dorje of Tsurphu Monastery) and received blessings from him twice (he was a young boy). It is likely that auspicious experience which whisked her to Mount Kailas. (The trip cost almost nothing and they traveled a rare and beautiful route to the mountain that is rarely open).

In 2002, Kathleen met her Vedic Astrology teacher, Dennis Flaherty and transitioned to full time Jyotisha study and practice in 2006.

Vedic Astrology can illuminate your way to more joy and abundance.

Jyotisha or Vedic Astrology gives you access to specific aligned routines designed just for you in personal sessions and if you join the Conscious Calendars community you receive aligned actions and healing tips in the Monthly Astro Forecast filled with seasonal and lunar rhythm rituals for health and well being.

Kathleen consults and guides teams of successive millionaires regularly and also lovingly helps those who are deeply on their spiritual path with personal practices, mantra, insights and resonant spiritual guidance.

A few things that could happen in a session with Kathleen could be:
You can find answers and freedom, understand your karmic timing and why things have been happening. You can receive guidance on career, life choices, gemstones for health or wealth, flower essences and how to exercise or meditate for your personal body-type.

If you would like a session with Kathleen to understand your personal rhythms of the year click the button below and you will be walked through the process.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will the session be recorded?

    Yes, all sessions are automatically recorded unless you request otherwise.  You meet online via Zoom from anywhere in the world or in-person in Seattle if you would like.

    You are sent a full recording of the zoom session, including reference to the Conscious Calendars Green Days and recommendation links.
    You receive a password protected Vimeo link to download your video session after we meet. ( Or if you meet in-person you receive a link to download your mp3 recording after we meet.)

  • Will I receive a copy of my Vedic Birth Chart?

    Yes, all first sessions receive a PDF of your birth chart in an email one hour to 5 minutes before your session.  You are walked through the basics of your chart, so that you have it for future reference. You do not need to know anything about Vedic Astrology.  Kathleen likes you to know what your Ascendant, Sun and Moon are in this system.

  • What if I have questions after my first session?

    It is likely that the information is in the replay of the session.  Try listening to the recording again, and see if the answer is already there. If you still have questions, reach out to support or look to purchasing the AstroVantage or other session packages. It is recommended to have this session one month after your first session to get more out of the experience.
    Then, according to your chart and personal timing and goals, follow up sessions may be two to four times a year for best support.

    If you are interested in having Quarterly Meetings with Kathleen, you can receive special bonuses with the package that also gives you extra support and a free ticket to the private workshop with Kathleen once a year.

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