How To Maximize Your Success, Joy & Abundance On Green Days

Discover The 4 Types Of Green Days, Align With Cosmic Rhythm Throughout the Year & Much More:


Conscious Calendars Help You Find Best Days For

Getting a New Job
Going on a Romantic Date
Making Health Changes that Stick
Starting New Endeavors
Making Big Purchases or Signing Contracts of Any Kind...

and Avoiding Headaches and Delays.

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Green Days are Go Days:

  • Making a splash! Sending newsletters and communications
  • Romance and Great Date Nights
  • Celebrations, Parties and Events that are a hit!
  • Weddings
  • Important Meetings - board, family or company-wide
  • Teaching classes
  • Family Re-unions
  • Great Days for making money, marketing & sales offers

When you take action can have vastly different effects according to Vedic Astrology.

The same action taken on a Red Day versus a Green Day has different effects.

Red Days are for releasing connections with the world or dismantling things. For instance, signing a contract or having a first date on a Red Day will likely have the results of the day fall flat. (Even if things feel promising on the day - watch the eventual results!)

Versus, Green Days are all about building connections between people and building 'out in the world' and create ripples of flourishing, growth, expansion and happiness in the future.

When’s the last time you enjoyed a day of good vibes, serendipity and abundance?
It was likely a Green Day.

Discover The 4 Types Of Green Days, Align With Cosmic Rhythm Throughout the Year, & Much More: