Light Before June Solstice

The Monthly Lunar Light and Yearly Solar Light are both increasing through June 9.

May – Jun Solar Lunar light 2017 from Kathleen Whalen on Vimeo (Click on the link, we are having tech issues. Thank you!)

Then the solar and lunar light split ways. The solar light continues to build or the DAYS continue to grow in length in the northern hemisphere through June Solstice on June 20/ 21, 2017!  But the Lunar light decreases after June 9 through to the New Moon in June.
The mixture of light energies will have us experiencing a nice balance, if we listen to our natural rhythm. It is very easy to overbook schedules and stay up late with the sun setting so late in June  2017.
Watch the video to learn about this pattern of LUNAR light and SOLAR light, and how this is the dance of cosmos in the Vedic Calendar this month.
Learn about how June Solstice and the cycle of the Moon overlap this year to better understand how your health and energy might be responding to the longer summer days in the northern hemisphere.
Exciting to have a micromoon and supermoon so close to each other!

May 25, 2017 is a new moon which is a Supermoon.
June 9, 2017 is a full moon with is a Micromoon.

Understanding the balance of energy in each day, and responding accordingly is how to live in harmony with yourself and the cosmos. This ultimately keeps you healthy, happy and successful.

Here are the highlights of this New Moon week:

  • New Moon on May 25th in Taurus activated Passion from Mars and helps us build our projects on solid ground for the next two weeks.

  • Venus moves into Aries on May 31st (after 4.5 months opposite Jupiter!)

  • Mars moves into Gemini through July 10th, creating a new kind of day in the Calendars for the month.

    Health tip which applies to all 3 points above: The placements of Venus and Mars in June make eating baked sweets particularly damaging to health. Dancing with friends and in large groups is indicated as a positive resolve of these two planets, or hosting a neighborhood party or social event with friends.

  • Good News: Four Green Days in the first week of June!

  • June Solstice marks the exact middle of the year.
    Try not to stay up too late in middle June if you live in the northern hemisphere, especially in the days I mentioned from June 14/15 through June 23rd.

    If you live in the southern hemisphere, then try a pinch of cinnamon or the yoga practice of ‘breath of fire’ to increase your metabolism. This will improve digestion and help you burn fat in your winter time.

Clear sea and sandy beach La Cinta, Sardinia, Italy

***Two FREE classes with Kathleen in the first Green Days of June!***

How to handle the new energy of Mars and Saturn and learn how to clear difficulty, blocks or negativity.

Second class teaches expanding abundance and prosperity.

Both classes are FREE with a LIVE Q & A with Kathleen.

No mini astrology sessions, but you can ask any questions about the astrology of the month or the calendars!
Clearing Blockages & Negativity, Activating Light


Magnetize Abundance and Prosperity was LIVE on Tuesday June 6, 2017. See post below and link below to listen to the replay.

Magnetize Abundance and Prosperity Free Class


And Yes, recordings will be available on Sound Cloud within a week of finishing the classes.

Come to the FREE events I am giving to all of you. I will share quick ways to shift mind states if you get stuck, some strong protections and ways to keep the abundance flowing during the month of June.


June solstice arrives every year, and marks the turn around of the length of days wherever you live. If you are in the northern hemisphere, the longest day of the year is summer solstice in June and then the days begin to get shorter, day by day until Solstice in December.

If you are in the southern hemsiphere, the shortest day of the year is your winter solstice in June, and then the days begin to get longer, day by day until Solstice in December.

So, where ever you on Earth, June and December Solstice are celebrations of LIGHT!

These celebrations of light though are related to the Sun, and the length of time we experience DAY, or of solar light.
All the while every single month, the Moon is waxing or building in light and waning or decreasing in light over one month.

The Vedic Calendar is a solar-luni calendar taking into account both the energy of the length of light in the days, the amount of light of the Moon and the angle between the Sun and Moon, as just ONE factor that is tracked daily to understand the energy of the day.

When we act in alignment with the energy of the day, we experience less resistance and have more energy to fulfill our activities of the day – which leads to success, ease and happiness.

Want to order a year of Conscious Calendars all based in Vedic Astrology principles describing the energy of the day? Go HERE.

Want to learn more about the Indian lunar calendar?

Want to learn more on how the Calendars are calculated?

Kathleen shares the basis for this lunar calendar, that distills ALL of the daily energy of the planets, constellations’ influence on the Moon and thus a kind of ‘energy of the day’ here: scroll down just a tad to see the video of Kathleen sharing with you how the calendars are calculated.

  1. Stacy Bell 10 months ago

    Assistance / Advisement Request :
    The email. I’ve received doesn’t state the time of the class today 27th May 2017,please advise.
    Thank you for your assistance on this matter.

    • Author
      Kathleen Whalen 10 months ago

      The Free class will be on Saturday June 3rd at 8:30 am Pacific Time and June 6th at 9 am Pacific Time. We are posting the details on the Facebook page and adding details to this blog post in the next day.
      We will be meeting together on my seminar line. All are welcome! Thank you for asking, Kathleen

  2. Teresa Barnes 10 months ago

    unsure of how to sign up for june 3rd & 6th class?

    • Author
      Kathleen Whalen 10 months ago

      Posting the details of the class now. I wanted to wait for a special reason. It will be posted over on the Facebook event page, and be in the next newsletter too.
      Thank you for asking!

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