Simple Ritual to Clear and Heal with this month’s Lunar Eclipse


Here is a Simple Ritual to Clear and Heal with August’s Lunar Eclipse

You can tap into freedom, tap into your hidden power.

Since fire and release are the themes with this lunar eclipse, then during the five hours of the eclipse or in the morning on the day of the eclipse (see below for your eclipse time and day) you can simply:












  • Light a candle. Place the candle on an altar, or next to a symbol of guidance or healing for you (some of you might have a Goddess representing inner light or love, a small healing plant or herb or flowers in a vase). Then write down what you want to release on a piece of paper. If you have a safe candle votive then you can tear the piece of paper in pieces and name what you are clearing as you drop the scraps on to the flame.OR
  • Make a small fire and place flower petals, an herb or what you want to RELEASE written on piece of paper into the fire which represents what you want to release.Even if we long for healing, it is usually to be released from something, perhaps you want to be released from:
  • the fear of having an illness or not knowing how to find help
  • the desire to not struggle
  • A feeling of unworthiness or
  • an unhealthy pattern that keeps you from being your radiant self and being connected with life and your purpose.Take any flower, or if you can, take flower petals from a plant which means something to you, or the leaf of a healing plant and place it on your symbol as an offering to what you want to release.For instance, I chose a purple flowering top to a peppermint plant that was right on my front porch; it was easy to get and represented releasing heat and inflammation in my body and mind – allowing room for cool, freshness, and vitality. A plant like sage, is easy to get and has many healing properties and has the energy of this dry, smoky eclipse too – so you could be releasing impatience or issues of slow metabolism with sage. You get to decide on the plant, flower or symbolism you are releasing.

petals, offering, love

Most full moons are connected with expansion and manifestation…but since the moon is eclipsed, the power of this moon is turned inward toward your personal spiritual change, not focused outward… then this lunar eclipse is about the opposite which is about releasing patterns which have been in your way to living the life you love, or choice patterns which have kept you from being your healthiest self.

You decide what the pattern to change or reverse is, and then on the day of the eclipse, exert extra effort to NOT DO, or not enact the pattern which tends to hook you into unhealthy patterns.
Eating sugar, or bread or drinking soda has ingredients which literally create an addiction – which according to physiology – the body will want sugar, bread or soda (sugar and caffeine or the chemicals in diet soda) exactly 24 hours after it was consumed the previous day.


So…. If you can break the pattern for ONE day on the eclipse, you can magnify the discipline and pattern of choosing to NOT have the item which has kept you stuck in a pattern.


This includes not getting sucked into patterns of emotional distraction, since lunar eclipses can be more emotional times where we get triggered easily. Practicing the pause in our reactions can build self love and compassion, especially on eclipse days.

***Here is the secret why: Eclipse days magnify actions by 10,000 to 100,000 on the day according to many ancient traditions.

So, if you can go against an engrained pattern that might be a weakness, you actually build strength on the eclipse day – AKA you can build discipline and the ability to not be thrown off routines for the next six months by how you choose to act on ECLIPSE DAYS!

This is a special secret I have shared with you from the Mega Red Day Report that all Conscious Calendars Subscribers get to download – there is more in the Report and all subscribers also get a Mercury Retrograde Report with all the dates of the year that Mercury Retrogrades.


MEGA RED DAYS  are Eclipse Days August 7 & 8

Partial Lunar Eclipse – Full Moon in Capricorn (Vedic Sky Map)

August 7, 2017 

Partial Lunar Eclipse takes place around a full moon, and depending on where you live, will have the eclipse occur on Aug 7 or 8. See times below.

Lunar Eclipse is visible and shadows Australasia, Asia, Africa, Europe, and extreme eastern South America and lasts 5 hours from beginning to end.

It is not visible in North America, or Canada.

Use Time and Date to find the exact times of eclipse for your location.

Eclipse begins August 7 at 15:45 UTC (or 3:45 pm UTC) / 4:45 pm BST London / 11:45 am EDT / 8:45 am PDT / 11:55 pm SGT Singapore / Tuesday Aug 8 1:55 am AEST / 

Eclipse ends August 7 at 20:54 UTC (or 8:54 pm UTC) / 9:54 pm BST London / 4:54 pm EDT / 1:54 pm PDT / Tuesday Aug 8 6:55 am AEST / 4:55 am Singapore SGT

If you would like to know the secrets on how to reverse patterns on Eclipse Days or to look two to twelve months ahead and know auspicious days or days to avoid difficulties and catastrophes GO HERE TO GET A CONSCIOUS CALENDARS SUBSCRIPTION.


  1. Hector Carratala 8 months ago

    The first time I like the form focusing Astrology

    • Author
      Kathleen Whalen 8 months ago

      Glad you like how Vedic Astrology explains things Hector.

  2. Racqueline 8 months ago

    Can I be lucky for the 7th and 8th

    • Author
      Kathleen Whalen 8 months ago

      No. In general, we do not use eclipses for creating or chance or betting. It is a good day to stay inside as much as possible and practice your personal spiritual practices – or sitting quietly will help bring clarity which might help you after August 7 & 8th.

  3. sue 8 months ago


    • Author
      Kathleen Whalen 8 months ago

      Glad it helped in some way.

  4. Deanna 8 months ago

    Ugh ! I had a feeling after
    The airline made a mistake and booked me on a flight on the 10th wrong airport , was suppose to be the 8th. Spent hours on phone . As soon as they corrected the flight for tomorrow I saw this post about mega red day .

  5. Jim S 8 months ago

    So happy,…. exercised restraint today out of instinct and now reading your post. Magic. Thank you so much for your contributions. The Cosmic Calendar has played a significant role in planning numerous successful events these past couple years. Great body of work,…sincerely appreciated. Thank you Kathleen.

  6. Holly F 7 months ago

    Nice to be able to log in again, and looking forward to the upcoming eclipse on Aug.21 in North Carolina…..any guidance for this ?

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