Gemini New Moon in June

Clear the Way for Inner Freedom!

This New Moon in Gemini is on June 23 or 24, 2017.

The New Moon touches a fierce and divinely discontent part of the heavens – and you can use that for positive change!

This New Moon is on on Friday June 23rd  at 10:30 pm Eastern Time EDT, 7:30 pm PDT or Saturday June 24 at 2:30 am UTC / 3:30 am BST London Time.

In Vedic Astrology, there are aligned actions for every single day which allow for flow and decreased resistance in our lives – which bring more ease and harmony as a result.

Aligned ACTIONS for this New Moon: Use this rough and tumble moon, that likes to buck the system and do things their own way, to change something that has been bugging you for the past few months.

Want to not be irritated? Then, change something related to YOU, do not focus on someone else.

This new Moon has a laser like energy to it with the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Mars all aligned within the same 12 degrees of sky!

This section of sky calls for strong clearing actions, like attacking bad habits. For instance:

  • You might want someone to come over to your house and enact a BIG, DEEP clean of your home or office. Or clear ONE small area of one table first! Make it easy and success building first. Then get to clearing an entire room.
  • Get rid of things you have not used, get rid of food or snacks that do not support your health and vitality. (Get an accountability partner, so you can help each other.)
  • With Mars adding fuel to the fire, and Gemini fanning the flames (it’s an air sign); you really want to use this laser focus while you have it to get rid of the old patterns or stuff.

It’s OK, this New Moon might have you feeling like a hot-mess too, and the energy is lighting up your human ability to survive and thrive despite the circumstances of life, even if things look or feel a little chaotic. Mother nature is messy, and being human can be messy sometimes.

Being human being messy being lovable

Isn’t a child with food all over their face and hands just adorable? You are adorable too, even when things “look” a little messy.

As soon as you can BE with the messiness of what is, the faster you can take one small action towards improving or clearing something in your life.
Remember, to build or expand in our lives, there needs to be clearing to make room for healing, prosperity, or new kinds of joy and connection in our lives.

Take a deep breath and first ALLOW. It is all ok. Then, when you have quieted the judgement or unrest, see what you are inspired to do. Action heals things after all.

We wash dishes every day, so that we can eat off those dishes the next day. This New Moon and changing a few patterns is akin to replacing chipped plates and dishes that have sharp edges, so that we don’t cut our selves while eating.
Get it?

Bring pain or messiness into the Light

This New Moon helps you face the pain you might have been avoiding or allows you to grab your dark side and tug it into the light. Like a vampire which dissolves in the light, the actual clearing will be easier than the resistance. You can shift a habit, by focusing on what the LIGHT or opposite of it is.

For instance, instead of eating junk food or being upset that you wanted some, don’t judge the desire.  Instead, FIRST, just have a sip of water or have a piece of fruit.  And before deciding if you will have that tempting sweet something or junk food, BETTER YET, send love into the glass of water or the piece of fruit and eat that with all your focus and heart.

See what happens then!

Action Changes Things

Ardra Nakshatra or Lunar Mansion in Gemini – Place where divine discontent drives us to change.

Shift a habit with a little help from this Moon and with a little help from our friends:

Ask for help from a friend, or try asking for help out loud, to the air, to the Universe, to your angels or God, and then change your posture or position in the room, this will help you to just ‘do it’ – to get the clutter out of just ONE area of ONE room at first, and then out of the house.

Or to shift what you are about to eat – you can choose the light, vibrant, healthy food in the moment. “Just for this moment, I will choose the food and drink of light” No expectations after that… Just for this moment.
Changing posture or place in the room really helps too! It helps you press the “Pause” button.

For instance, you can give yourself permission to possibly have a bite of the ‘scrumptious and possibly not the healthiest’ food in 5 minutes or 10 minutes. Creating a pause allows permission to be there with no judgement. If you are out with friends – you might just go the restroom or washroom or take 3 sips of water before considering a bite of cake.  This way, when and if you enjoy the cake, a delay has been put in place.

Building an Internal Muscle for Positive Change

You are building a muscle so that you are fully CHOOSING  something when you do it! Not choosing it out of an impulse to ‘buy an item’ or eat something.

Delayed Gratification is one of the top 5 traits of highly successful people and of millionaires.

Since this intense moon might bring up some anxiety or a desire to act out of impulse…ANY delay you put in place, even three seconds is a big deal!


And the day of nourishment and quiet or the Red Day this month is June 23 because the New Moon rises with Sunrise for most of the world on June 24. This is the LOWEST energy of the year in the southern hemisphere. The turn around happens now!

Travel is definitely NOT recommended on Friday June 23, 2017, this particular Red Day (the New Moon begins at the end of the day in the U.S. @7:30 pm PT and 10:30 pm ET).

Reverse Habits? Easy!

I am also setting the tone for you to be able to REVERSE habits in August with the eclipses.

Most Western astrologers speak of setting new patterns around eclipses. I do not.

The ancient tradition of Vedic Astrology does NOT suggest you to look at eclipses – and eclipses are NOT the time to set NEW patterns, rather they are windows into our deepest patterns and if we can choose differently on an eclipse day, or meditate during the eclipse or just sit quietly, then oh my, you are doing some incredible spiritual work!

Eclipses in Vedic Astrology are these are powerful times for spiritual practices and the way that I interpret the eclipse energy, is that these are Powerful Gates into our karmic patterns; so much so, that if you know how to work with the energy, you can be reversing an ‘unhealthy’ or pattern you want to shift every six months!

I explain these deep secrets made easy in the Mega Red Day Report that all subscribers to Conscious Calendars get. I will be releasing a FREE mini-Mega Red Day Report soon – it will guide you in how to use the eclipses this August 2017 and beyond.


Remember, the New Moon is in Gemini because the Vedic Sky map is different than the map that most people hear about out there in magazines and the internets – Western astrology map is called tropical and the Vedic Astrology map is sidereal and is the same as what astronomers use.  How that “looks” is that your birth Moon, Sun and ascendant might “sound” like they are in a different zodiac sign. Vedic Astrology also interprets the planets, planetary combinations called yogas or unions, and karmic timing differently than many other forms of astrology. It is why some people call Vedic Astrology predictive.

One of the best ways to use Vedic Astrology is to look at your personal karmic timing for cleanses, aligned spiritual practices, relationship harmony (since what is lighting up in your heart and mind sometimes is just karmic patterns which can be healed when you have perspective) and career and financial decisions for your long term contentment.

Want to learn more about Conscious Calendars and how to use Vedic Astrology timing and aligned living easily to your every day life? Check out and get a sample Calendar to try.


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